Lions Give Jared Goff a 4 year, 212M Extension


Gute Loot
Jan 21, 2017
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After last year's draft, when the Lions declined to move up for a QB, I said that I thought that they were digging their own grave. At the time, they had Goff on a middle class QB contract and their good players on offense were primarily on rookie deals. However, the time was drawing near that they'd have to start paying their players at premium rates, and whenever that happens there is a talent attrition. Jared Goff simply isn't the quality of QB who you can pay elite money and still build a viable Super Bowl contending roster. Now it's starting to materialize.

They have paid Goff 4 years, 212M (53 AAV)

They have paid Sewell 4 years, 112M (28 AAV)

They have paid St. Brown 4 years, 120M (30 AAV)

So now they have made the ~12th-15th best QB in the league the 2nd highest paid and the ~10th-12th best WR in the league the 2nd highest paid. I have no issue with Sewell's deal-- he's elite.

The impact of these moves is already starting to be felt. For example, the receivers behind St. Brown might be the worst in the NFL (albeit mitigated by LaPorta). They also had to let Jonah Jackson leave and replace him with a declining Kevin Zeitler.

That said, the roster is still very good for the moment. The majority of the impact won't be felt until next off-season and beyond. They will have 7 starters hitting the market in 2025:

-Taylor Decker (LT)
-Alim McNeill (DT)
-Carlton Davis (CB)
-Marcus Davenport (ED)
-Derrick Barnes (LB)
-Ifeatu Melifonwu (S)
-Kevin Zeitler (G)

Now having great players that you need to pay is a good problem to have. And the Lions theoretically have some answers for some of these departures (e.g. Jack Campbell at linebacker or the corners they just drafted). However, they're still going to feel the losses. For instance, with Glasgow aging, Jackson gone, and Decker/Zeitler set to hit the market, the overall talent level on the OL (the bedrock of their success) is due to take a big hit. Normally, you overcome that because the guys you've given huge money to are good enough to compensate. I don't think Goff is.

So basically, I think the Lions are a playoff team masquerading as a contender in 2024 and then it will start to unravel in 2025 and beyond.

Calebs Revenge

Mar 21, 2024
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I know the 49ers won the NFCCG but the first half Detroit absolutely imposed their will on them.

The letdown was like watching Rodgers at home in the title game. It’s the kind of loss that’s not as bad as a Super Bowl hangover but can still affect the team the next year.
Also everyone is going to be looking at Goff now as the 50 million dollar man.

Thats a lot of pressure to take on. We’ll see if he and the team all have fuzzy warm feelings about level of play and what exactly everyone is worth. Resentments and jealousy are real things that can fracture a locker room/team.

El Guapo

Dec 7, 2011
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Land 'O Lakes
Whether you like him or hate him, the Lions have the kind of coach that will have them in the right frame of mind. However, Dantes is spot on that the clock is already ticking for the Lions.

Thirteen Below

Jan 15, 2022
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So basically, I think the Lions are a playoff team masquerading as a contender in 2024 and then it will start to unravel in 2025 and beyond.
My feeling is that their window cracked open a wee bit last year, but now seems to already be closing before it got any more open. Totally agree with you about Goff; he's the kind of guy who can win a Super Bowl for you if you give him a Super Bowl-caliber team, but he won't elevate a team that's almost there and carry it across the line on his shoulders. Not a quarterback who'll take a nearly top-tier team and make it even better, and I don't think the Lions have built a good team around him. And they're going to have to draft extremely well the next couple of yours to fill their holes, because their option in free agency will be very limited.

IMO we're already a better team than Detroit, and we'll widen that gap in the years to come, because our young talent will elevate our team more quickly each year than they'll be able to keep up with. They'll be our main competition in 24, and in 25 or 26 probably fall behind Chicago - depending on how Williams develops. Detroit's taken a big step forward the last couple of years in terms of coaching and management, but we still have a strong advantage in both areas - especially management; I think Gute's building a much better team than they are.


May 21, 2024
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I think the Love camp must be pretty thrilled with the Goff extension. I mean Love was going to get paid anyways but this just gives them more ammunition for the contract negotiations.

Detroit has spent A LOT of money but at the same time, they are locking up their core and riding with them. They should be a pretty good team, and a threat, for at least a few more years.

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