Learning Curve Accelerates For Second-Year QBs

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Apr 18, 2009
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In a perfect world, second-year quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm would have gotten to do this last year, before getting a huge playbook thrown at them as rookies.

The schedule doesn't really allow for it, though, with the NFL Draft in late April and OTAs starting roughly a month after that.

So this second season is their first opportunity to take advantage of a full offseason to prepare and improve their games, and Flynn and Brohm are soaking up everything they can in their first go-round through the team's offseason workouts.

It's a fairly comprehensive program that coincides with the offseason schedule for the entire team, with aspects designed specifically for quarterbacks. In addition to regular strength and conditioning work, the QBs also work to hone various fundamentals and watch film to learn the finer points of Head Coach Mike McCarthy's West Coast offense.

"I think it's really going to help, just from going through a whole year of ..


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