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Kitten's Poem

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by GreenBayGal, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. GreenBayGal

    GreenBayGal Cheese Goddess

    Jan 4, 2010
    Last night I was thinking of writing a poem to my son to lift his spirits after a recent heart break. Thinking to myself, "I wish I could think of the right words" and "I wish I were a good poet", I recollected a poem Kitten posted a few months ago. I thought it was a nice poem and decided to re-post. Not only because I thought it was a good poem but also to get our mind set in positive mode and remind us of what our team could (and likely will) have in store for us again this year. Kitten, I hope you don't mind. :icon_wink: Enjoy!

    Tale of the Pack

    In the Land of the Pack,

    The Old King lain down his mighty sword,
    Only to be borne away to fight for an ancient enemy.

    But, the Pack, never to wallow in despair, found
    Faith in a New King, a new sword, mightier still.

    The land breathed a new rhythm, a new song,
    A new destiny of glory beyond measure.

    Hearts beat as one, like the echo of a drum,
    a million hearts beat for them.
    Yearning, ever seeking, ever hoping to quench
    An eternal dream for their beloved.

    May the glory you seek, may you find.
    May it be yours, as you are worthy to carry
    Such a sword.

    May you strike fear and dread into the hearts
    Of your enemies ever as the Bear King
    Fears the mighty Hammer of Thor,
    Woodson, Tramon, our Shields are strong,

    Where the Hawk soars,
    A castle's defenses are impenetrable.

    When the New King leads his army into
    Battle against the Old King, the time
    Of the Viking is over.
    For whenever one king falls,
    A new one arises to take his place.

    May glory be to The Pack,
    Love saturated in a sea of
    Green and gold.
    Glory to The Pack.

    We love thee no matter what occurs.
    Never doubt there is strength inside
    The mighty walls of your fortress
    That the enemy fears above all things.


    The battle has come

    The Old King makes his last stand,
    The mournful sound of the Viking horn
    fading in his lament, begins to wither away
    into a hollow of utter defeat.

    The Pack marches on, stronger than ever now.
    Strong to defend the mighty fortress of Lambeau.
    The force of attack shall break any barrier,
    enemies may not defend against.

    The White Spirit looks on, always with the Pack,
    For the Pack shall always prevail inside,
    spirits of champions dwell within.

    Glory be to the Pack,
    sang the faithful
    people of Lambeau.
    Glory be to the Pack.

    Loyalty, our hearts are yours,
    Glory be to the Pack,
    forever more.


    The Old King, drawn down in the
    depths of utter defeat,
    Viking ships sunk, lost in a purple haze.

    So the Pack fights on. The New King's
    leadership strong.
    Ever trusting him to lead us into battle.
    Ever trusting our defenses to hold.

    The Pack, wounded and battered,
    stood strong on faith and utter will
    to survive. Tales of their demise
    were not to be.

    Eagles, Falcons, we fear you not.
    Nor creatures of the sky, nor the Bear King,
    who hung his head in shame and defeat
    as the Pack brought him to his knees,
    where still he remains, pride and dignity

    All battles, this road we have traveled,
    has led to a battle against an enemy of steel.
    The Pack fears not.
    For the New King, beloved,
    leads the charge forth,
    no army of steel can withstand.

    As the Pack's defenses had proven,
    Where the mighty Thor lays his hammer down,
    you shall not pass. For stronger than steel
    are the defenses of the Pack.

    Now at long last, the last battle fought and won.
    The Pack stands tall, exalted.
    Green and gold light tremulous within,
    glows like an aura, emotion
    so strong, vibrating straight into your
    solar plexus.

    The Pack of the mighty.
    Nothing they cannot overcome.
    Strong, together, united.
    A force so strong you can feel the
    energy crackle within your very being
    when they take the battle field.

    Song in our hearts.
    Song of the Pack.
    Sweet victory be yours.
    Evermore we shalt love thee!

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  2. IluvGB

    IluvGB I <3 Packers!!!!

    Aug 7, 2006
    I'm so glad you reposted that! Its worthy to be on the front page of the forum!

    What amazing and talented writers we have on board!!

  3. Kitten

    Kitten Feline Cheesehead

    Sep 13, 2010
    Well thanks! That brought back all the memories of last year! Hopefully this year the Pack shall inspire another tale, mightier still be thou sword! :)
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  4. realcaliforniacheese

    realcaliforniacheese A-Rods Boss

    Jul 26, 2011
    Wow Kitten. good stuff.
  5. armand34

    armand34 Cheesehead

    May 24, 2010
    Thanks for reposting that, because I missed its original posting...well done, kitten. Inspires me to try n slam some words down again.

    sent from my rooted evo4g
  6. Bogart

    Bogart Duke Mantee

    Jan 26, 2011
    Nicely done, sounded great!
  7. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    No lie, Kitten is my favorite poster on here. No offense to anyone else but she is always optimistic and thinks things through before posting.
    Even when I am down on the Pack (see the we need a running back thread) she stands by them with pride and I look foolish later when she is right.
  8. TheGiftedApe

    TheGiftedApe TheGiftedApe

    Mar 17, 2010
    ♥ kitten
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