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"just one game."

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by rodell330, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. rodell330

    rodell330 Cheesehead

    Jun 18, 2012
    after seeing so many pittiful consecutive defensive performances, we're all stoked about what we saw lastnight.....howeva haha. It's just one game, the good teams can have a stretch of performances like that so.... before i say we look like 2010 again i need to see consecutive performances where the defense shows up. That means don't go out next week and give up 400 yds of offense to the Seahawks. That's not having a good defense.

    On another note i think Capers is a secret member in our forum, he did 3 of the 4 thing's i wanted to see on defense and i saw some other thing's some of you posted implemented in last night's game plan. So i guess i'll say it for all of us who added our 2 cents. You're welcome Dom;)

    BTW don't forget to bring extra pressure up the middle because we will be facing a 5'10 qb and that'll make it super hard for him to find those passing lanes.
  2. TJV

    TJV Lifelong Packers Fanatic

    Feb 22, 2011
    Yes, it was just one game but what was the number 1 probem with the Packers' D last year? Some may say 'tackling' but IMO it was lack of a pass rush and what have we seen in "just two games"? Even with the confusion in the D backfield and some sloppy tackling vs. the 9ers, we saw better pressure against a very good team which runs the ball more than it passes it than we saw in almost any game last year. That was a good sign. Last night we saw the Packers D dominate a team with a bad OL. No, we can't expect that game after game, but if they stay healthy and the youngsters continue to improve, what Capers said before the season - this D will be much better in December than it is now - is likely to come true.
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  3. milani

    milani Cheesehead

    Jun 11, 2012
    Each opponent week to week is different. Preparing for each one is special. Sometimes the matchup does not appear favorably. Sometimes it appears very favorably. Seattle will present a different challenge than the Saints will the following week. I would hope that our defense can come close to another performance like that against Seattle. But against Brees I would expect that our offense show some of last year's phenomenal play.
  4. HyponGrey

    HyponGrey Caseus Locutus Est

    Mar 18, 2012
    I'm actually looking forward to the Saints. Zach Streif? Clay shalt feast! Brian De-la-puente? Meh. PATRICK.FREAKIN.ROBINSON. YATZEE!!! We'll see if Brees can shake off the slump from his short preseason. It's everybody else on that team we have to worry about. Should be a fun game!!!

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