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Just Another Monday: Rodgers' Rants, Burnett Done

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by theheadcheese.com, Oct 4, 2010.

By theheadcheese.com on Oct 4, 2010 at 12:23 PM
  1. theheadcheese.com

    theheadcheese.com Cheesehead

    Sep 23, 2010
    The most newsworthy thing to come out of the Packers lockerroom on Sunday was Aaron Rodgers' pointed frustration with the offense, and in particular his coach's playcalling. The most notable news on Monday was the sobering revelation that rookie safety Morgan Burnett has an ACL tear and is lost for the season.

    First, Rodgers' rants: he wanted to spread the Lions out and play more three and four receiver sets to "put the best players on the field." I get it: but the Lions' front four is among the best the Packers will face this season. Until the Pack's OL proves it can handle protection assignments without the assistance of a tight end or a fullback, the coaches need to make sure of one thing: that their franchise QB stays vertical. One look at what the Giants did to Jay Cutler in the first half Sunday night reminds everyone that QBs are one big hit way from getting their brains scrambled.

    The Pack's offense is out of synch. We can thank the Ryan Grant injury for a majority of the reason why. And unless Ted Thompson shocks us all and swings a deal for a veteran running back in the next two weeks, the offense will have to evolve into a version of the '07 Patriots.

    McCarthy shook off Rodgers' complaints, saying "players play and coaches coach." That's coach-speak for 'give it a rest, Aaron. After all, two uncharacteristic picks by the QB helped turn the Lions game into a nail biter.

    The Burnett injury is disappointing on a number of levels, first for the kid who was making some mistakes on the field but seemed to be growing into the job. It's a woefully thin position for the Pack, who will turn to Derrick Martin or Charlie Peprah, at least until week 7, when Atari Bigby is eligible to return.

    And it gets worse for the defense: word out of Green Bay is that Brandon Chillar's shoulder injury may be serious, like season-ending serious. It's a shoulder that's been operated on before and they can't tell what is scar tissue and what is a new injury. We should have a clearer prognosis later in the week, but the potential loss of Chillar is a big blow to the Pack's pass defense and will have McNabb and TE Chris Cooley licking their chops thinking about Sunday's matchup.

    The Pack's 3-1 and no one is glowing. That's a good sign. The two cream puffs on the schedule are in the rear view mirror and the schedule is going to start to get tougher. The NFC is absolutely wide open right now--it kind of feels like 11 or 12 wins is going to get you a bye. This team still has time to find itself, but it might want to accelerate the process.

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Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by theheadcheese.com, Oct 4, 2010.

    1. robdog
      Burnett being out is bad for business. This does not make me happy.
    2. PackersRS
      Rodgers is spot on. It's much easier for the QB to play out of the gun. It's not like teams are respection our running game anyway; playing out of center only gives the QB less time to get rid of the ball.

      Don't pretend to be anything you're not. This is not a balanced team, this is a passing team. That's our identity. Let's not force square pegs into round holes. Take a look at the Bears game. Once we stopped trying to run the ball, we dominated. Yeah, the penalties killed us. But we're not gonna be penalized 18 times again.


      On Burnett. It sucks. Burnett was doing a good job, nothing much. But there's no backups. Capers will, once again, the same way he did last year when he lost Bigby, start calling some very conservative plays.

      Now it's all on Rodgers' shoulders until we get Harris and Bigby back.
    3. cantstop12to85
      im reaallly upset about losing Burnett, he had experience at the position and at had something to work with until Atari came back but now we're screwed for the next couple weeks and can really expect a lot of attention at the FS area....who does this leave us? Peprah or Martin either way its definitely gonna end up in Aaron's hands the next couple of games
    4. packerswin96
      It sucks about Burnett, we need to pick up a Safety more than a RB now. While Rodgers might be right, there is no way he should be whining about this in the media, I do not like that at all, the Packers had a game plan and I do not think it was changed last minute so Rodgers had all week to put his input into the gameplan.
    5. Murgen
      Atari where are you!?

      Even when we do get him back, how good is he gonna be? He missed training camp and hasn't played since last year and is coming off foot surgery. I'm not expecting much from him this season.

      I think we are in trouble.

      And Rodgers is right btw. No sense pretending we are something we're not at this point.
    6. toughlovepackfan
      Rodgers is making excuses, bottom line he was good in the first half and garbage in the 2nd, call it play-calling or whatever, he did not perform well for 4 qts, which seems to be a reoccurring thing for him. He either doesn't get hot until the 3rd qt or he cant have a complete game, sorry the bills do not count! Favre had no running game in 07 and went 9-1 until grant came along, so no lame excuses, with his experience he should be able to execute for the entire game. Losing Burnet sucks big time, but this d will improve, injuries have been hard on us. We will be fine. 11-5.

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