Jordan Palmer


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Aug 2, 2005
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Central Wisconsin
What are the thoughts of spending a day 2 pick on him for development purposes?

Positives: Has adequate lower body muscle tone with a smooth frame, good waist, legs and calves … Not bulky, but has decent upper body development with a frame that can carry additional bulk … Competitive sort who likes pressure situations, but needs to improve his game management … Shows an adequate stride dropping back from center and has the functional short-area burst to escape some pressure … Has an understanding of the playbook and when he plays with patience, he is effective at making proper reads through progression … Needs to reduce his full wind-up motion in his release, but can put some zip behind his tosses … More effective with his timing on short to intermediate tosses than while firing deep … Makes a lot of checks on the field and has a good understanding of the game … Has good toughness standing under pressure and will not hesitate to initiate contact on a defender (eight tackles during his career) … Lacks foot speed to be a running threat, but does demonstrate adequate quickness and fluidity when he drops and sets up … Makes good pre-snap reads and scans the field to locate his secondary targets … Has good upper body mechanics to follow through … Carries the ball chest-high and plants well to throw, showing adequate quickness to unload the ball … Can zip the short tosses and drive the ball well in the intermediate area … Sometimes sprays the ball going long, but he can also drill the ball into the seam with a tight spiral, keeping his receivers in their routes with minimal adjustments when he properly sets his feet … Has very good accuracy in the mid-range level vs. man coverage and throws an easy ball that comes out with a tight spiral, but still needs to improve his placement … Strong standing in the pocket, as he's not easy to knock down … Positive and confident with his body language on the field … Has enough functional foot balance to step up in the pocket and he won't run from the pocket prematurely … With his long stride, he is capable of driving back from center to get to his throwing point and while he won't win foot races in the open, he knows how to square his shoulders and throw for decent accuracy when on the move … Has improved his overall strength in the last year, which allows him to stand tall and take a hit when the pocket collapses … Can freeze a defender with his play-action and pump fakes … Times the pass well to lead the receiver rather than have his targets adjust to the ball … Despite playing behind a mediocre offensive line, he has been relatively injury-free and has no major health issues.

Negatives: Lacks mobility and is no threat as a runner, but he shows enough movement skills, instincts and a quick release to make some plays out of the pocket … Has adequate flexibility and change of direction agility, but only marginal acceleration … Plays in a pro-style passing offense, but despite his knowledge of the game he makes too many questionable decisions (64 interceptions, 33 fumbles, 89 sacks in 46 games) … Does not show the body control to throw on the run … Based on his turnovers, he might not have the great field vision his brother possesses … Tends to lock on to his primary target and consequently, he might not see the defenders, especially when he simply throws right into the coverage … Will sometimes force the ball rather than take a sack … Can flick the ball deep, but sometimes has a long arc that lets the defenders settle under his pass to make the interception … Doesn't appear to struggle throwing any of his passes, but needs to use better judgment … Has a penchant to throwing the ball into zone coverage when going long … Has the arm strength to connect with a perfect strike underneath, but will miss the wide-open target when pressured (not good at throwing on the move) … When given protection, he can throw the ball on time, but when he locks on to his primary target, he is slow to come off that man to find a better choice, resulting in 64 career interceptions … Better off not leaving the pocket much, as most of his mistakes happen when he throws on the move … Needs to reduce that full wind-up motion he takes in his release … Not capable of fitting the ball into tight areas and will generally underthrow on his deep passes … Has problems throwing to the right side of the field, where 47 of his 55 passes that were deflected and 16 of his 19 interceptions occurred in 2005 (10 of 14 pass thefts in 2006 were to the right side of the field) … Threw under duress often because of his inability to escape the bull rush (can step away from some tackles, but is not a threat running with the ball) … Confident in his ability, but lacks that aggressive take-charge nature you want in a quality quarterback.

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