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Informal Forum Poll....Rank the NFL Coaches..!!

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by P@ck66, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. P@ck66

    P@ck66 Banned Banned

    Jun 5, 2005
    How would you rank these coaches...(1- Best...32- Worst)

    (I was going to add..be honest..no homerism...musscy..but you beat me to it..!)


    Mike Mularkey: Buffalo
    Nick Saban: Miami
    Bill Bellichik: Patriots
    Herman Edwards: Jets
    Brian Billick: Ravens
    Marvin Lewis: Bengals
    Romeo Crennel: Browns
    Bill Cowher: Steelers
    Dom Capers: Texans
    Tony Dungee: Colts
    Jack Del Rio: Jaguars
    Jeff Fisher: Titans
    Mike Shanahan: Broncos
    Dick Vermeil: Chiefs
    Norv Turner: Raiders
    Marty Shottenheimer: Chargers


    Bill Parcells: Cowboys
    Tom Coughlin: Giants
    Andy Reid: Eagles
    Joe Gibbs: Redskins
    Lovey Smith: Bears
    Steve Mariucci: Lions
    Mike Sherman: Packers
    Mike Tice: Vikings
    Jim Mora: Falcons
    Jon Fox: Panthers
    Jim Haslett: Saints
    John Gruden: Bucs
    Denny Green: Cardinals
    Mike Martz: Rams
    Mike Nolan : 49ers
    Mike Holmgren: Seahawks
  2. musccy

    musccy Cheesehead

    Jun 5, 2005
    Re: Informal forum poll....

    I don't really feel that ranking is a an accurate way to look at coaches, rather, grade them. IHowever, I don't even like grading coaches, usually, since I can be as fickle as anyone, esp. w/ coaches I don't know much about. Anywho...

    DK = don't know


    Mike Mularkey: Buffalo DK
    Nick Saban: Miami B
    Bill Bellichik: Patriots B
    Herman Edwards: Jets B
    Brian Billick: Ravens C
    Marvin Lewis: Bengals A
    Romeo Crennel: Browns B
    Bill Cowher: Steelers B
    Dom Capers: Texans DK
    Tony Dungee: Colts AB
    Jack Del Rio: Jaguars B
    Jeff Fisher: Titans B
    Mike Shanahan: Broncos B
    Dick Vermeil: Chiefs B
    Norv Turner: Raiders C
    Marty Shottenheimer: Chargers C


    Bill Parcells: Cowboys AB
    Tom Coughlin: Giants AB
    Andy Reid: Eagles C
    Joe Gibbs: Redskins DK
    Lovey Smith: Bears B
    Steve Mariucci: Lions C
    Mike Sherman: Packers B
    Mike Tice: Vikings C
    Jim Mora: Falcons DK
    Jon Fox: Panthers AB
    Jim Haslett: Saints DK
    John Gruden: Bucs C
    Denny Green: Cardinals C
    Mike Martz: Rams DK
    Mike Nolan : 49ers DK
    Mike Holmgren: Seahawks B
  3. JbShell

    JbShell Cheesehead

    Nov 7, 2005
    Re: Informal forum poll....

    Mike Mularkey: Buffalo 20
    Nick Saban: Miami no rank first year
    Bill Bellichik: Patriots 3
    Herman Edwards: Jets 31
    Brian Billick: Ravens 32
    Marvin Lewis: Bengals 15
    Romeo Crennel: Browns 12
    Bill Cowher: Steelers 6
    Dom Capers: Texans 29
    Tony Dungee: Colts 1
    Jack Del Rio: Jaguars 10
    Jeff Fisher: Titans 21
    Mike Shanahan: Broncos 6
    Dick Vermeil: Chiefs 20
    Norv Turner: Raiders 28
    Marty Shottenheimer: Chargers 11

    Bill Parcells: Cowboys 13
    Tom Coughlin: Giants t-12
    Andy Reid: Eagles 16
    Joe Gibbs: Redskins 17
    Lovey Smith: Bears 8
    Steve Mariucci: Lions hes gone
    Mike Sherman: Packers t 20
    Mike Tice: Vikings 21
    Jim Mora: Falcons 17
    Jon Fox: Panthers t 3
    Jim Haslett: Saints gets a pass this year
    John Gruden: Bucs t 10
    Denny Green: Cardinals t 20
    Mike Martz: Rams he is out
    Mike Nolan : 49ers first year
    Mike Holmgren: Seahawks 5
  4. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

    Apr 13, 2005
    Re: Informal forum poll....

    That's like ranking tools. Some times you need one, some times another.
  5. Miskito

    Miskito Cheesehead

    Jun 5, 2005
    Re: Informal forum poll....


    26 Mike Mularkey: Buffalo
    20 Nick Saban: Miami
    7 Bill Bellichik: Patriots
    25 Herman Edwards: Jets
    17 Brian Billick: Ravens
    6 Marvin Lewis: Bengals
    16 Romeo Crennel: Browns
    5 Bill Cowher: Steelers
    32 Dom Capers: Texans
    2 Tony Dungee: Colts
    15 Jack Del Rio: Jaguars
    24 Jeff Fisher: Titans
    8 Mike Shanahan: Broncos
    9 Dick Vermeil: Chiefs
    29 Norv Turner: Raiders
    10 Marty Shottenheimer: Chargers


    11 Bill Parcells: Cowboys
    12 Tom Coughlin: Giants
    18 Andy Reid: Eagles
    21 Joe Gibbs: Redskins
    3 Lovie Smith: Bears
    23 Steve Mariucci: Lions
    19 Mike Sherman: Packers
    27 Mike Tice: Vikings
    13 Jim Mora: Falcons
    4 Jon Fox: Panthers
    28 Jim Haslett: Saints
    14 John Gruden: Bucs
    30 Denny Green: Cardinals
    22 Mike Martz: Rams
    31 Mike Nolan: 49ers
    1 Mike Holmgren: Seahawks
  6. DePack

    DePack Cheesehead

    Jun 5, 2005
    Re: Informal Forum Poll....Rank the Coaches..!!

    Pack66 since I don't proclaim to be a coach expert I can't really rank them all but I will teel you where I think Sherman falls because I think that is what you are looking for.

    I would rank Sherman behind....Bellichek, Lewis, Cowher, Fisher, Shanahan, Parcels, Gibbs, Mooch(that's right!), Fox, Gruden and yes Holmy.

    I would rank Sherman in the same class as....Edwards, Dunghole, Vermeil, Shottenheimer, Reid, Mora and Green.

    I would rank Sherman ahead of.....Mularky, Saban(so far), Billick, Crennel, Capers, Del Rio, Turner, Coughlin, Smith, Tice, Haslett, Martz and Nolan.

    Which puts him in the 12-20 range. sorry...I can't get more accurate than that. Where do you rank him Pack?
  7. P@ck66

    P@ck66 Banned Banned

    Jun 5, 2005
    Re: Informal Forum Poll....Rank the Coaches..!!

    1. Bill Parcells: Dallas
    2. Joe Gibbs: Redskins
    3. Bill Bellichik: Patriots
    4. Mike Holmgren: Seahawks
    5. Mike Shanahan: Broncos
    6. Dick Vermeil: Chiefs
    7. Andy Reid: Eagles
    8. Jon Gruden: Bucs
    9. Jon Fox: Panthers
    10. Bill Cowher: Steelers
    11. Jeff Fisher: Titans
    12. Tony Dungy: Colts
    13. Marty Shottenheimer: Chargers
    14: Tom Coughlin: Giants
    15. Brian Billick: Ravens
    16. Marvin Lewis: Bengals
    17. Mike Martz: Rams
    18. Steve Mariucci: Lions
    19. Jim Mora: Falcons
    20. Lovie Smith: Bears
    21. Herman Edwards: Jets
    22. Jack Del Rio: Jaguars
    23. Denny Green: Cardinals
    24. Mike Tice: Vikings
    25: Mike Sherman: Packers
    26 Romeo Crennel: Browns
    27. Norv Turner: Raiders
    28. Jim Haslett: Saints
    29. Nick Saban: Dolphins
    30. Mike Mularky: Bills
    31. Mike Nolan: 49ers
    32. Dom Capers: Texans
  8. pantherd

    pantherd Cheesehead

    Jul 27, 2005
    Wow. Fox below Gruden? Dungy below Fox? Wow. Gibbs? We are talking about the present or recent past, not all-time right? Wow. That's a crime. Without Dungy, Gruden would have already been fired (i.e. he wouldn't have inheirited the SB team he walked in to). Without Dungy, Peyton and company would still be a good but not great team. Wow, that's all I can say. My list...

    1 - Bill Bellichik: Patriots (3 Super Bowls, 4 years...)
    2 - Tony Dungy: Colts (Would be vying for 2nd SB or more had TB not been stupid)
    3 - Andy Reid: Eagles (Gained respect for not taking T.O. crap and 4 NFCCs)
    4 - Marvin Lewis: Bengals (If you can win in Cincy... with a young QB...)
    5 - Jon Fox: Panthers (If you can get a 1-15 team to believe in themselves AND get the same 1-7 team to finish 6-2 a year later...)
    6 - Bill Cowher: Steelers (There's a reason Pitts has made him most tenured in the NFL)
    7 - Marty Shottenheimer: Chargers (He won in KC, he was better than his inheiritants in Wash, he's won in San Diego and made them a team to fear)
    8 - Bill Parcells: Dallas (Has turned around struggling franchises in NY - twice -, NE, and now Dallas)
    9 - Jack Del Rio: Jaguars (Sometimes the coach is better than the team)
    10 - Joe Gibbs: Redskins (Not as dominant the 2nd time around... the game's changed)
    11 - Herman Edwards: Jets (Straight forward, you know what you're getting)
    12 - Mike Shanahan: Broncos (Sometimes the team is better than the coach)
    13 - Mike Holmgren: Seahawks (Until he prooves that Sea ISN'T as soft as everyone thinks...)
    14 - Steve Mariucci: Lions (Won with old, washed up 49ers and Garcia. Scape goat in Detroit. Matt Millen is the problem)
    15 - Tom Coughlin: Giants (Hard nosed S.O.B.)
    16 - Lovie Smith: Bears (Others aren't laughing at this team quite so much any more).
    17 - Mike Sherman: Packers (From the outside looking in... this guy seems to suck, but that's just my opinion.)
    18 - Dick Vermeil: Chiefs (Loads of talent in KC, nothing to show for it)
    19 - Denny Green: Cardinals (Lots and lots of offensive talent. Still needs a running back, defense, and a consistent QB.)
    20 - Romeo Crennel: Browns (He's the right guy in a very bad situation.)
    21 - Norv Turner: Raiders (He's the wrong guy in a very bad situation.)
    22 - Jeff Fisher: Titans (How was this guy at the top of peoples list once upon a time?)
    23 - Nick Saban: Dolphins (Better off as a coordinator and/or college coach. He needs to heed the advice of Pete Carroll and dominate the little league for big pay checks.)
    24 - Jon Gruden: Bucs (Beneficiary of a stout Dungy D. Has since run the team into the ground with washed up veterans)
    25 - Jim Mora: Falcons (Dan Reeves got shafted with Vick's injury. Mora thrives on riding "Mike" Vick's jock.)
    26 - Brian Billick: Ravens (If only he were as good as he thinks he is...)
    27 - Dom Capers: Texans (Some guys are just destined to be great co-ordinators and aren't head coaches)
    28 - Mike Martz: Rams (See Dom Capers)
    29 - Mike Tice: Vikings (He, Dungy, and Spurrier were hired same year as John Fox. Glad the Panthers went the alternate route. Sure that Indy was happy with their guy too.)
    30 - Mike Nolan: 49ers (Giving the guy some credit... NO ONE could do much with this team.)
    31 - Mike Mularky: Bills (No other coach's name fits better. Bunch of Mularky.)
    32 - Jim Haslett: Saints (He's the wrong guy in ANY situation. This guy blows chunks.)
  9. DePack

    DePack Cheesehead

    Jun 5, 2005
    PAck66...Tice ahead of Sherman?
  10. P@ck66

    P@ck66 Banned Banned

    Jun 5, 2005

    (i thought you'd notice that..)

    But who has owned Sherman's *** in the last several appearances going back to the playoff game of last year?
  11. yourout

    yourout Cheesehead

    Aug 19, 2005
    Pack66.....I like your list. No way Edwards is ahead of Holmgren on pantherds list.
  12. P@ck66

    P@ck66 Banned Banned

    Jun 5, 2005
    thanks yourout...

    i think i should have up'd Edwards to 15..now that I think of it.....after Coughlin...

    He has done a pretty good job with the Jets the past few years...except he tends to be too conservative.....

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