In GB" on Packer game day, nothing else matters"


Apr 16, 2005
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De pere, Wi.
Posted Sept. 12, 2005
This is PWT36 posting a story about Green Bay describing the city on Packer game day Sunday. In midst of this hysteria about the Packers losing to Detriot yesterday, I thought it would be little change of pace from all the Packer fan postings that would occur to day on this packerforum. This very longtime Packer fan in DePere Wi. five miles from Lambeau Field has heard it all and see it all for the last 60 years of Packer History. We, long time Packer fans in Green Bay, do not jump off the Green Bay Packer band wagon ever. We have gone through 1948-1958 losing era, which reach its low point in 1958 with a 1-10-1 season. And also the very long period of mostly losing from 1968 through 1991 On but still in Green Bay after 86 years Packers Packers were founded in 1919. IN Green Bay--" game day, nothing else matters"

Residents stop chores, sit in front of tube
By Patti Zarling
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