In Bates we Trust


Jun 8, 2005
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I surely hope that Bates gets the HC job, the reason I feel this way is not because I profess to know who or why the various candidates would be successful as our HC its just that the players on both the Dolphins and Packers have stated how much they respect this guy and would be willing to give him their all, win or lose. To win you have to have talent but just as important or maybe more so is the emotional side or the will to win, I believe this is the biggest thing lacking in recent history of the Packers.
All the other candidates seem to have their pluses and minuses but I feel the best chance we have is Bates as Head Coach and Mariucci as the OC I really don;t have a strong opinion on the DC but we could afford a young guy (and upcoming) here since Bates will be there. What are your thoughts I am really excited about this prospect as I feel if Favre returns ( and having Mariucci will help that) and most of our injured guys returning and with "wise" draft choices (mostly on defence) this could be our year (from worse to first) and maybe an appropriate swan song for Brett.

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