IF Favre decides to retire...


Jan 1, 2006
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Do you think he will make it known, that tomorrow is his last game or will the decision come in the offseason. I have no idea what he is going to do, and I hope he takes time to think about it and do what is best for him and his family , the Packers and football. I don't think he will rush it, but I just really wonder if he does decide to say goodbye to football, will he make it known when he walks off Lambeau Field that it is his last. Kinda like Rice in San Fran (except he just left the 49'ers).

It will be interesting to see. I hope he stays, but whatever happens, Favre is the greatest Packer ever and will always be remembered!


Sep 23, 2005
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This is gonna sound crazy but I don't care. I think his decision on if he will retire might come down to something we may think is not that significant. That being "Fan support today".

Brett is a proud man and on a recent interview he stated that he is not sure the "Pack" wants him anymore.

I really believe his decision might hinge on what he sees in the stands today, and as such, I have been going from forum to forum requesting that fans who are going to todays game show him support in the way of :

"STAY BRETT STAY" Signs or Chants of :"Stay Brett Stay" when the Seahawks have the ball.

I really believe the decision is that close so if you feel the need to be sentimental too, grab some cardboard and a marker. Maybe we will get lucky. :D

And what's wrong with that ?

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