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I don't get it.

Discussion in 'NFL Discussions' started by GBkrzygrl, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. GBkrzygrl

    GBkrzygrl Cheesehead

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Packer Fan Since:
    I know that I am probably naive but watching Nick Foles break his collarbone because some defensive guy slams him down and hits him with a full body slam just pi$$e$ me off. I guess because I happened to Aaron twice. But I don't understand anyone trying to knock someone out of the game. You mean that player couldn't have shoved him or attempted to not fall completely on him? I don't buy it.:mad:

    Whew. Ok. Rant over.
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  2. PackerfaninCarolina

    PackerfaninCarolina Cheesehead

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    Sep 30, 2013
    Packer Fan Since:
    Well look, nobody wants to see this happen to any QB except maybe Tom Brady so he gets forced to retire lol.

    Foles is one of the good guys and hate to see it happen to him.

    But I'd say based on the bolded part you don't know who Reggie White is or remember watching him play.
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  3. Pokerbrat2000

    Pokerbrat2000 Opinions are like A-holes, we all have one.

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    Oct 30, 2012
    Madison, WI
    Packer Fan Since:
    I hadn't seen the hit delivered by Clark until now. I understand how disappointing it is to see this happen, but I don't really see anything wrong with the hit. He is coming in to make the tackle on the QB, that he is paid to make, nothing dirty about it IMO.

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