How about that? Coach fired.


Apr 30, 2018
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A good point and one that can easily be lost in a long season.

I don't follow the Bucks as close as I do the Packers, but this 2023 Bucks team seems like a real Jekyll and Hyde team. One that keeps thinking that a new coach, new chemistry between players, etc. will suddenly turn them into a Championship caliber team.

I think as @Voyageur rightfully points out, in the end, Horst can be blamed for this cluster F*** of a team. Getting rid of Holiday, obtaining Lillard and changing coaches like underwear, may land him in the unemployment line when this is all done.

I really don't want to see Giannis traded and it would shock me to see it happen, but as of now, he might be the only piece of the team that is worth a whole lot. I'm not a Chris Middleton fan, especially since his recent rash of injuries. If they could figure out a way to purge him and get something in exchange, things might get better in 2024-25.

Drafting really doesn't seem to work out for the Bucks, at least recently. Beside Malcolm Brogdon, who I think the Bucks gave up way too early on, Giannis has been about the only draft pick in the last 20+ years that has amounted to much.

What a mess, hoping for a 2024 Miracle!
I don't like the idea of trading Giannis either. Middleton is good, when he plays, but age has caught up with him.

Like you, I follow the Packers the most. I certainly enjoyed the Bucks' ascension - just didn't expect to see it collapse this soon. And for the life of me, I don't understand the Lillard trade that sent Holiday away. Yeah the Bucks' early playoff exit last year was not good. But changing damn near everything amounted to nothing.

Hoping for the best against the Pacers.

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