Holiday games create need for Lambeau Volunteers


Apr 16, 2005
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De pere, Wi.
This is a article that sort of explains the different kind of relationship of a profootball franchise, the Green Bay Packers and the coummunity of Green Bay, Wi. which it is located in. Years ago in the tough times, the Fans of Green Bay, volunteered to park cars, usher, ticket takers etc (no pay) and now the Packers have prospered, they now pay all workers. When snow has to be removed from Lambeau Field. The Packers put the word out in community for people with their shovels to come to Lambeau Field to shovel it out. Many hundreds show up with pride to do the job quickly. They are paid $8.00 an hour for their work. I would think many Packer Fans would do it for free, if necessary. As most Packer fans know the Packer are a community owned Franchise, the only one in major League Sports. There is no rich owner in Green Bay. There are almost 111,00 Green Bay Packer fans who are stockholders. This stock does not increase in value & stockholder receives no dividends or interest fromtheirstock. This is a story which appeared in The Green Bay Press-Gazette. I Thought it might be interesting to Packer Fans, and it is slow couple of weeks before Packer's Training camp. I been looking for articles, which are more "feel good" type about The Green Bay Packer Franchise. We get enough of opposite type of postings from a minority of negative Packer Fan posters.

Posted July 12, 2005

Holiday games create need for Lambeau volunteers

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