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Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
So - just to be clear - I wasn't going to post this, but I figure - aww, what the heck...

Here ya go guys - a little something from The Czabe!
Uh, Vikes, you might want to explain the "selling the farm just to get Herschel Walker" comment, der eh?

Ron Wolf Fleeces Atlanta!!

Just in case you forget how Brett Favre ended up in Green Bay, here's the breakdown of the greatest heist in the NFL since the Vikings sold the farm to get Hershel Walker.

What player did Atlanta draft using the pick the Packers traded to the Falcons in exchange for Brett Favre? -- Ed (Clifton, NJ)
The history of Brett Favre's arrival in Green Bay dates back to the 1991 NFL Draft in which the Packers acquired the 17th overall draft choice of the 1992 draft in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 1992, the Packers traded that 17th overall choice to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for Brett Favre, who was coming off a rookie season in which he appeared in two games, tossing two interceptions among his 0-for-5 passing.

The Falcons then traded back two places in the draft with the Dallas Cowboys, thus owning the 19th overall selection. With that 19th pick, the Falcons drafted running back Tony Smith, a former teammate of Favre's from Southern Mississippi.

Smith was the second backfield player selected in the 1992 draft, behind Stanford fullback Tommy Vardell who went to the Cleveland Browns with the ninth pick, but he was also sought for his return abilities. As a senior at Southern Miss, Smith had averaged 164.56 total yards per game, better than Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard (159.0). And he was coming off an MVP performance at the Senior Bowl in which he ran for 72 yards on 12 carries.

Smith played three NFL seasons with the Falcons, but only spent time in the backfield as a rookie, gathering 329 yards on 87 carries (3.8 avg.) with two touchdowns. Over a three-year career as a special teams player he averaged 8.7 yards per punt return (56 returns, 485 yards, 0 touchdowns) and 23.8 yards per kickoff return (61 returns, 1,453 yards, 1 touchdown).

Smith is also noteworthy for being the recipient of Atlanta's first handoff inside the Georgia Dome in the stadium's inaugural game in 1992. His 32-yard opening scamper would stand as the Falcons' longest rush of the season according to team statistics.

In case you were wondering who the Falcons could have taken with the 17th pick, Dallas drafted Texas A&M cornerback Kevin Smith with that selection, before the San Francisco 49ers nabbed Washington defensive back Dana Hall with the 18th pick.



I'm a long-time listener of the Bob & Brian Show, but a 1st time emailer. I heard your discussion this morning regarding who the Falcons drafted with the 1st Round Choice they received for Brett Favre back in 1992.

Fortunately, I just read this information somewhere in the last couple of weeks. If I remember correctly, the Falcons used the first round pick they received for Favre to trade down in the first round, where they then selected RB Tony Smith, who I think had less than 1,000 yards rushing and only 2-3 TD's IN HIS ENTIRE NFL CAREER, if the statistics I read are correct. The Falcons then used the other lower round pick they received to draft DB Frankie Smith, who was never more than a backup D-Back and Special Teams player. To say the Falcons got the donkey-end of this trade is an understatement of epic proportions.

While this has to rank as the best trade in Packer history and one of the most lopsided in NFL history (along with the Ahman Green for Fred Vinson trade you discussed today), it did have one unfortunate, unintended consequence to it: It sped up the inevitable firing of Jerry Glanville by the Falcons, leading him to the TV booth where we've had to suffer through his incomprehensible drivel ever since.

Amen to that brother, amen to that! - IPBprez


Mar 20, 2005
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Minneapolis, MN
That is pretty amazing when you think about it. That trade for Favre made our team, at least in my generation. I'm only 21, so I've grown up ONLY with Favre as THE QB. Just imagine if he wasn't here on this team. I'll definitely be sad when he decides it's over. Hopefully he'll stay a few more years.

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