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Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
No contract for Sherman until Season's end... period!
He has to earn it.. the hard way....!

What I'm really focusing on - when it comes to Sherman? Is this ----

Pending NO CONTRACT - We're looking at the distinct possibility that Jim Bates will get the promotion to HC. Well, if that's what we're going to see happen (?) I guess I'm fine with that... I'm looking for the ol' Lombardi Trophy to come home where it belongs! That's my job as a GBP fan!

But ya gotta give Sherman his due - he's no guru for the Draft, we all know that and it's been hashed around for months & years.... But, as HC? He's been pretty good when he's not letting one Tom Rossley tie his shoelaces in front of other people (Eagles playoff 2003 as an example / Pass play? Anyone?) As far as I'm concerned the Packers were supposed to win that SuperBowl game in 2003 and we lost it all - due to Tom Rossley who readily admitted the Pass Play was "his fault".... (Geez, what a putz!)

And, this last year at Ford Field - we saw again, Tom Rossley was completely throwing away the entire season right out the gate and Sherman stepped in, in Detroit, and started calling the O-plays (which he has serious experience doing) and the Season was turned around....

So - the synopsis is this -

Sherman is considered (whether you agree or not) to be one of the better (elite?) Coaches in the NFL. Give a serious review to his track record! He "is" in the upper 25% of HC's currently working. While all of us are expecting him to step up to the next level (Belicheck?) and bring home the Trophy... which hasn't happened... He isn't exactly changing the Team into the next resemblence of the 49er's or the Bengals, either! Can you say Ray Rhodes?

So - now, that he has been given the opportunity to FULLY concentrate on his HC performance (?) Will Mike Sherman truly & finally "stand out" as an HC, or not?

This... is the BIG question facing Ted Thompson.... and, Mike Sherman's contract extension!

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