Harper stabbed for not communicating


Apr 14, 2005
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Citrus Heights CA
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It is the day before a big playoff game you go to bed to get some rest. You have been preparing all year professionally for the playoffs and you need to concentrate the pressure is high. The wife adds to your stress by interupting with stuff that can wait until after the game or after the season when you can focus.

The wife wants to talk. She thinks you have been ignoring her because you think your job is more important than her. There are things real important to her that matter. She thinks you have been quiet and not opening up. You been acting distant and taking her for granted.

In order to get your attention she starts shaking a knife at you. You just want to be left alone and rest then she stabs you with the knife.

Now you've got stress, ER, police, telling your boss, putting the kids with someone on short notice while you're at work on the presentation you've worked all year to get ready.

If you had not been stabbed, could you have run back that fumble return for a TD? Well, now you have time to deal with the wife and "talk". Now you have to pay for her lawyer defending her for stabbing you. Nobody wants to hear about the verbal abuse (nagging) you suffer through.

As the Sheriff said "These things happen every day."

For men domestic tranquility is in the garage, workshed, basement.
Could it be that there is more crime in urban areas because men, in apartments and condos, cannot get away to peace and quiet?

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