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Hancock's Father files Lawsuit

Discussion in 'The Atrium' started by nathaniel, May 24, 2007.

  1. nathaniel

    nathaniel Cheesehead

    Jan 22, 2007
    Hancock Father Files Lawsuit

    I'm sure it's the worst feeling in the world to lose a son, but to think that the guy who's car was stalled on the side of the road, along with the tow truck, are somehow responsible for his son's death is ridiculous. They weren't the ones who were driving drunk. And they are thinking about suing the MLB and the Cardinals? I just don't get it. I'm sure the lawyer gave them the idea. More money for him if they win.
  2. Green_Bay_Packers

    Green_Bay_Packers Cheesehead

    Mar 30, 2007
  3. arrowgargantuan

    arrowgargantuan Cheesehead

    Dec 8, 2004
    excellent post!

    seriously though, they shouldn't get a penny. lawyers are f'n scumbags. i'm looking at you AADP.
  4. cheesey

    cheesey Cheesehead

    Nov 24, 2005
    Law suits like this are why our legal system is so backed up.
    No one wants to take responsibility for their OWN actions now adays. It's a horrible thing that happened, but it's Hancock's own fault for it happening. No one forced him to get drunk, HE made that decision. Had he been sober, he probably wouldn't have had the accident. I feel sorry for his father, but his son caused it, no one else.
    The only other person that they MIGHT be able to go after would be the bartender that kept serving him.
    But i have a problem with that too, as you never know if a person drank somewhere else before coming into your establishment. I was a bartender back in the 1970's, and not only do some people hide that they are "over the limit" very well, it's REALLY hard to cut off some people. I got threatened when i tried to do that by some guys. Plus, sometimes they would have a friend come up to get their drinks, so you didn't even have contact with them.
    So to me it comes down to being responsible for your own actions.
    But the "ambulance chaser" probably told Mr. Hancock that he can make a bundle on this tradgedy.

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