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Great site for this season

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by dwade23, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. dwade23

    dwade23 Cheesehead

    Aug 9, 2008
    Hey guys, check out this new sight that pays you to do sports betting on their sight. If you get your account over $10, you can cash out at anytime. The all-time high so far for cashout has been $300. It an interesting sight ran by some kids from Texas A&M. Here is the link to sign up and a short FAQ from their websight. Everyone you refer makes YOU 5% of all winnings! Check it out you have NOTHING to lose!


    Q: What is CentSports.com?

    A: CentSports.com is just one of many places on the Internet where you can place bets on major sporting events.

    What makes CentSports unique is that we're actually legal. Currently you can't running a gambling website from inside the U.S. This site is more like a fantasy-football game ... we give you a small amount of play-money to start out with ... you make bets with this, just like you could in Vegas ... but, again, you're just betting with 'play money'.

    However, if you do well enough ... i.e., if you win enough of your play-money bets, we'll actually let you 'cash out' your play money for real money ... and maybe other stuff like t-shirts, CentSports gear, etc.

    Q: So how does it work?

    A: It's simple ... when you first sign up for CentSports, we give you ten cents ($0.10) play money to bet with. You can use this to bet on almost any major college or professional sporting event (MLB, NBA and NFL games, etc.). Anything you win you keep and can use to place more bets, accumulating money as you go.

    You can cash out whenever you want (as soon as you have a balance of $10.00 play money or more) ... we're actually gracious enough to send you a check for your play-money account balance ... just straight up, dollar for dollar.

    Overall, the site makes more from advertising than people cash out ... though one of our goals in creating the site was to make sure that as much of the site's advertising revenue goes back to CentSports user as possible (after all, they're the ones who earned it by viewing ads in the first place!).

    Q: What if I lose all my money?

    A: Then we give you another 10 cents play-money for free so that you can keep on betting. Your balance can never fall below 10 cents ... you'll always have at least something to keep making bets with.

    Q: Can I deposit money into my account?

    A: NOOOOOOOOOOOO. You can't buy play-money ... the only way you can get more is just by making good sports picks. You always have $0.10 to bet with (again, thanks to our advertisers), but you can't put money into your account.

    Q: Can I get money out of my account?

    A: Yup. Any time you have a balance of $10.00 or more in your account, just click the 'Cash Out' link on the CentSports.com main page and we'll mail you a check (again, or PayPal transfer if you prefer) for your account balance.

    Historically, most people cash out soon after they get over $10, but there's no restriction on how much you can win and cash out.

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