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Gain Weight Quickly

Discussion in 'The Green Bay Life' started by teentit4n, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. teentit4n

    teentit4n Guest

    Gain Weight Quickly

    Have you ever thought of yourself as too skinny? Maybe even bony? Chicken legs? Well these tips should surely help you gain a few pounds- and quick!

    *Eat and eat often. This doesn't mean stuffing yourself with junk food and sugars. It means lots of protein and carbs. Especially carbs which should comprise 50-60% of your diet. Unsaturated fats (good fats) should comprise 15-20% of your diet. This can be obtained from foods such as peanuts, cashews, and olive oil. Stay away from saturated fats (bad fats) gained from foods such as hamburgers! Very bad for you!

    *Exercise a lot. Running gives you calf muscles. Lifting weights, crunches, etc. gets you in shape. You won't be the scrawny little chicken any more, but you won't be a fat cow. You'll be the perfect size. This is because exercising causes the food you consume to be converted into muscle.

    *Don't tell people about your new diet. People get concerned of this and often seek for help especially if they don't think you need to gain weight.

    *Don't eat too much especially the wrong foods! You will get too big! Include vegetables, fruits, crackers, etc. Stay away from icecream, fries and fatty foods.

    *Don't exercise too much! You don't want to wear out your body. You need to be healthy. Exercise at least 30 mins a day.



    Keep snacks with you. Nuts, string cheese, etc.
    Maybe This article help u gaining weight this guide help me alot.

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