Fire Joe Barry


May 12, 2014
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Psychologically, it's better for a player to believe he has a shot at getting back on the field sooner than later. If that's what it takes to get them to work their rears off in rehab
Only wanted to add that rehabbing can be a double edge sword. The player has to know when not to push it too much. They need to push it but also need to understand when they push too hard; it can make it worse. A little more each day. Or even back off some days. Personally, I'm looking for Jaire to return. But LaFleur is doing the Belichickando twist.


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Oct 30, 2012
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Madison, WI
Funny thing about football, all these guys are getting paid fully on their contracts, no matter if they are playing every Sunday or sitting on IR for the rest of the season. Not saying that they don't have motivation to try and make it back, but in most cases, it is not a financial one. A guy like Jaire actually probably stands to lose more than he stands to gain by playing. A worse injury (achilles, ACL, etc.) might negatively effect his new contract.

Now the guys that have incentives (per game roster bonus, yards, etc.), they might be financially motivated to make it back as soon as possible.


Mar 8, 2021
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I was more referring to the posters who try to predict who will be back and their return dates and such. I will bet the Packers and their medical staff do not even know these things with any confidence. Basically my (unsolicited) advice is to just hope the team and the active players are preparing to finish their run with who is currently available.
Aug 16, 2014
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Just for the record, Poker, teams are allowed to have a maximum of 16 players on the practice squad this season.

Once again, there's only a single injured reserve list. Teams announce that a player is done for the season because it's obvious to everyone a player won't be activated based on the severity of the injury.

You obviously have no idea how the rules work.

A player being put on injured reserve doesn't count against the 53 roster limit no matter if the team plans on activating him at some point down the road or has deemed him done for the season.

In addition a team can activitate an unlimited number of players from IR this season.

The only rule in place is that a player being put on IR has to miss a minimum of three games.
I just repeated what the article said. You saw the link write the author.
You’re dancing around the argument that YOU started (twice before I could answer!)
I never said players couldn’t be activated from IR and the reason I believe you brought that up? You are skirting your specific rebuttal. Point is you won’t answer the question because it’ll by default prove you are wrong. I’m wrong all the time, but you can’t admit 1 time you made a mistake in your 2 initial responses to my post.

Are teams incorrect in deeming players “Season Ending IR”?? A simple yes or no??

Fire Barry already! Plus please Lord don’t say “Season Ending” though! It’ll drive someone mad because they have nothing better to do than look for something that isn’t there.
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