Fantasy implications of phasing out the extra point


Nov 8, 2012
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With this talk of essentially eliminating the extra point, is it me or is this really going to change fantasy football in a big way?

First of all you'll have to entirely reconsider the value of a kicker from an elite offense as these extra points turns into 2 point conversions. Not that Denver's kicking situation was good last year anyway, but what good is it for a fantasy kicker if those 5 TD's no longer result in 5 points for you?

You're also talking about anywhere between 2-16 extra points from offensive players in a 4 team TD performance.. Do we need to reconsider the value of an elite QB1 because of the possibility of getting an extra 2 points on every TD now? More value to big power backs like Lynch and Lacy and big red zone threats like Graham and Gronk?

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