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facebook.com/fantasyswine...is terrible

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by armand34, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. armand34

    armand34 Cheesehead

    May 24, 2010
    Moderators Is this OK to post? I hope it is, if it isn't can you PM me back w/ the whole message and I'll edit it.

    I'm completely unimpressed with this Guy...I'm posting my situation on SIRIUS XM FANTASY SPORTS facebook page (not this guy's page) asking input about I wanting to play DEZ BRYANT over MARSHAWN LYNCH & STEVEN JOHNSON, then I requested for any input...

    this guy (FANTASY SWINE) decides to call me a CLOWN for wanting to do this, gave me his reasons behind it, which were based on potential carries for Lynch OUTPLAY the ability & Connection of DEZ w/ KITNA (QB)....obviously this was a terrible prediction & to call me a clown for wanting to go with this move...

    I deemed it necessary to let him know he was wrong & call his "prediction" terrible...This has to be the most sensitive & fragile "expert" there is....So I wanted to post our conversation to share with you guys so far...it's pretty entertaining & he displays how fragile his ego is

    Basically he called me a CLOWN...so I told him he was terrible...pretty much, but almost a must read

    ***by the way I had to edit the curses b/c this "EXPERT" can't handle the criticism***

    Armand MizziFantasy Swine: hey swine!!! you called me a clown for playing dez bryant over lynch!!! so far, you're the clown!!! you're terrible!

    18 hours ago ? Comment ? LikeUnlike
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine You are a clown for wanting to start a WR3 over a starting RB. The first half isn't even over. You might want to hold before you start telling somebody they're terrible for MAKING A PREDICTION.18 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine Look at you!!! With your triple exclamation points!!! Because you're calling me out!!!18 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Armand Mizzi DEZ BRYANT had a solid game...had a monster game against a good GIANTS DEFENSE...that's why I PLAY DEZ BRYANT over your PATHETIC ADVICE b/c JAX DEFENSE IS GARBAGE...don't ever comment on any i say on someone else's page!!! YOUR PATHETIC, you BUM!17 hours ago ? LikeUnlike
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine I'm pathetic because I suggested Marshawn Lynch over Dez Bryant? You think you're a (ef-word) genius because you know that JAC's pass defense is terrible? You think you're a (ef-word) smart guy because Lynch had a bad game? DO YOU THINK TYPING ...IN ALL CAPS IS AWESOME?


        HOWEVER, would I have played a WR3 over a RB with a starting gig? NO. NO I (ef word) NEVER WOULD.

        Are you a total douchebeg for trying to call me out and act like I'm an idiot for being wrong with a football prediction? Yes, YES YOU ARE.See More
        16 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine Hey, look at me, I'm "Armand" and I type in ALL CAPS and use three extra exclamation points!

        I guessed right and now I think I'm a genius! I'M "ARMAND!!!"16 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine And just to let you know, you (a-word), OAK is giving up the 4th most points in the league to RBs on average. It's a numbers game - with luck involved. And, as the saying goes, even a totally stupid squirrel finds a nut once in awhile (you are that squirrel).15 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine And, scroll down on the Fantasy Swine wall to a conversation with "Mike Pasick" and then go (ef-word) yourself.15 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Armand Mizzi For a SELF PROCLAIMED EXPERT, you definitely can't handle the criticism is a TRUE SIGN OF AN AMATEUR! Thanks for the laughs! YOU BUM!15 hours ago ? LikeUnlike
      • [​IMG]Armand Mizzi This all started b/c YOU decided to put YOUR 2 CENTS in on SIRIUS XM's FANTASY SPORTS PAGE...you took it upon your pathetic self too comment on my post calling me a "clown" hours before game-time for wanting to play DEZ over LYNCH....You're obviously NO EXPERT...You shouldn't proclaim youself an expert....You can't handle criticism....Your TERRIBLE at PREDICTING player production....which is what an "expert" (or pathetic (a$$) is suppossed to be able to do.....and to be COMPLETELY WRONG...LIKE REALLY WRONG..let's compare "EXPERT" LYNCH: 9 carries for 7 yards!!!! WOW GREAT CALL "EXPERT"...I'll stick with my DEZ BRYANT 7 CATCHES FOR 84 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............bwaa ha ha ha ha ha....pathetic..See More
        15 hours ago ? LikeUnlike
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine It's not about "not handling the criticism." I'm handling the "criticism" as you call it the way I want it to be handled. I'm not like all the other candy-*** experts...I don't need to take your (BS) attitude. Whose page is this? Mine.11 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Fantasy Swine Armand, you are a "clown" for thinking Dez was a better play than Lynch. Now, at the end of the day, did it work out that Dez was better? Yes. But, does that make it a better play?

        For example, Orton was projected to be better than Stafford... today...but, I played Stafford over Orton. Does that make everybody that projected Orton over Stafford, wrong? No, it sure (ef-word) doesn't. It's a prediction/projection.

        I love how I get a prediction wrong and all the sudden you're telling me I'm not an expert. You're just upset because I called you a "clown." You took it to heart. I posted a comment on the Sirius XM page in response to your comment and blah blah blah. Your panties are all bunched up and now you want to come on MY page and try to call me out as a "moron."

        (ef-word) you, dude. You seriously are a dumba$$.

        We both know that you understand that points I'm making. You totally get that Lynch was a better call but it lucked out in your direction. From the moment I called you "clown" you made a little mental note to come running to this page to talk (s-word) because your little feelings were hurt.

        I got a player vs. player prediction wrong. At least I have the (ef-word) balls to make a prediction and stick to it. I'm so sorry that I hurt your feelings Armand. And, I feel like such an idiot that I projected LYnch over Dez.

        Go find some flex rankings and see what they say. Go look and see if I'm the only one who makes that call. Go do it (a$$)h*l*. Let me know what you find.

        Report it back to me.See More
        11 hours ago ? LikeUnlike ?
      • [​IMG]Armand Mizzi I want you to respond to my criticism b/c it obviously bothers your ego to post and comment 8 or 9 times over and over, so don't act like your PATHETIC feelings weren't hurt, buddy....who's feelings are hurt?...not mine.... who's EGO is hurt?... not mine, I don't really care I'm not the self-proclaimed expert...I called you out b/c YOU WERE WRONG, by a lot and are a SELF-PROCLAIMED-EXPERT, I didn't call you a CANDYA$$, you did...I don't back down either...why don't you report back to me how many rushing attempts Lynch was given?...guess what I don't care...this isn't even an argument, EVERYTHING I've said is FACT...why the hell does CAPS bother you so much?!?! LOL!See More
        3 hours ago ? LikeUnlike
      • [​IMG]Armand Mizzi by the way, I'm pretty sure I've yet to swear & curse this entire time, which you have also failed to do...an expert or "professional" doesn't allow his feelings to get in the way of his job/craft/what ever you want to call THIS that you do3 hours ago ? Like
  2. longtimefan

    longtimefan Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mar 6, 2005
    Almost as bad as my hatred for the OBF peeps

    let it go, you were right he was wrong..

    next time you might not be so lucky

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