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Draft Tool for your use

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by CaliforniaCheez, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Apr 13, 2005
    Citrus Heights CA
    Many of you look at a draft site and their evaluation of the best prospects.
    I have a spreadsheet that averages the top 100 propects list of 5 reputable draft web sites (Great Blue North, Draft Countdown, Draft Board Insider etc.). Since they differ I was looking for a consensus before the bowl games and to see how it may change. The top 100 are likely first day picks. I caution that many of the underclassmen have not yet declared.

    Last Name First Name Position School
    Johnson Calvin WR GA Tech
    Quinn Brady QB Notre D
    Thomas Joe OT WI
    Adams Gaines DE Clemson
    Peterson Adrian RB OK (5th)
    Brohm Brian QB Louisville
    Jarrett Dwayne WR USC
    Ginn Ted WR OH St
    Hall Leon CB MI
    Branch Alan DT MI (10th)
    Moses Quentin DE GA
    Landry LeRon FS LSU
    Revis Darrelle CB Pittsburgh
    Brown Levi OT Penn St
    Lynch Marshawn RB CAL (15th)
    Russell JaMarcus QB LSU
    Willis Patrick ILB MS
    Pitcock Quinn DT OH St
    Cason Antoine CB AZ
    Dorsey Glenn DT LSU (20th)
    Nelson Reggie FS FL
    Blalock Justin OG TX
    Baker Sam OG USC
    Long Jake OT MI
    Posluszny Paul OLB Penn St (25th)
    Irons Kenny RB Auburn
    McCaulley Marcus CB Fresno St
    Davis Buster ILB FL St
    Woodley LaMarr DE MI
    Griffin Michael FS TX (30th)
    SamardzijaJeff WR Notre D
    Smith Troy QB OH St
    Tyler DeMarcus DT NC St
    Hughes Daymeion CB CAL
    Carriker Adam DE NE (35th)
    Edwards Trent QB Stanford
    Miller Zack TE AZ St
    Alexander Rufus OLB OK
    Leonard Brian FB Rutgers
    Spencer Anthony DE Purdue (40th)
    Okam Frank DT TX
    Bush Michael RB Louisville
    Abiamiri Victor DE Notre D
    Okoye Amobi DT Louisville
    Blades H.B. ILB Pittsburgh (45th)
    Thomas Marcus DT FL
    Stanton Drew QB MI St
    McDonald Ray DE FL
    Meriweather Brandon FS Miami FL
    Siler Brandon ILB FL (50th)
    Sears Arron OT TN
    Jackson Lawrence DE USC
    Higgins Johnnie WR UTEP
    Grubbs Ben OG Auburn
    Smith Steve WR USC (55th)
    Wendling John DB WY
    Crowder Tim DE TX
    Ross Aaron CB TX
    Bowe Dwayne WR LSU
    Staley Joe OT Cent MI (60th)
    Groves Quentin DE Auburn
    Harris Ryan OT Notre D
    Bennett Fred CB S CAR
    Hunt Tony RB Penn St
    Harris David LB MI (65th)
    Williams Paul WR Fresno St
    Adibi Xavier LB VA Tech
    Johnson Charles DE GA
    Everett Earl LB FL
    Bruce McKristo DE WA St (70th)
    Free Doug OT N IL
    Kolb Kevin QB Houston
    Hill Jason WR WA St
    Weddle Eric SS UT
    Harrell Justin DT TN (75th)
    Mozes Dan C W V
    Rouse Aaron SS VA Tech
    Beekman Josh OT Boston C
    Young Kyle C Fresno St
    Kalil Ryan C USC (80th)
    Allison Aundrae WR East CAR
    Alford Jay DT Penn St
    Bazuin Dan DE Cent MI
    Newton Joe TE OR St
    Meachham Robert WR TN (85th)
    Crosby Mason PK CO
    Gilberry Wallace DE AL
    Brown Tarell CB TX
    Spaeth Matt TE MN
    Stuckey Chansi WR Clemson (90th)
    Mebane Brandon DT CAL
    McKnight Rema WR Notre D
    Jackson DeAndre CB IA St
    Zbitkowski Tom FS Notre D
    Jackson Tanard CB Syracuse (95th)
    Ramirez Manuel OG TX Tech
    Burgess Prescott LB MI
    Wilson Josh CB Maryland
    Atkins Baraka DE Miami FL
    Satele Samson OG HI (100th)
    Bain Travarous CB Hampton
    Gattis Josh FS Wake F
    Wright Dwayne RB Fresno St
    Waters Anthony LB Clemson
    Herian Matt TE NB (105th)
    Chandler Scott TE Iowa
    Baker Dallas WR FL
    Palmer Jordan QB UTEP
    Duckworth Tim OG Auburn
    Wade Jonathan CB TN (110th)
    Shaw Tim LB Penn St
    Irons David CB Auburn
    Franklin Tony CB VA
    Piscatelli Sabby SS OR St
    Marten James OT Boston C (115th)
    Johnson Michael S AZ
    Davis Craig WR LSU

    So there is the consensus big board. Obviously the lower the propect the more variation. There were 175 players listed as part of someones top 100. I only listed those on 3 or more boards(one did not list juniors) and narrowed it to 118 names. I hope this is helpful for an early who's who.

    Right now the Packers draft 16th, 48th, and 80th. So look in those neighborhoods.

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