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Don's Crystal Ball Week 8 Pick's

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by DonCanabis, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. DonCanabis

    DonCanabis Cheesehead

    Sep 20, 2008
    Crystal Ball

    2008 SEASON

    By DonCanabis/D'BOYZ

    I think the damn Crystal Ball is broken. I must run to the pottery barn and get me a new one..... this past two weeks have been brutal.

    This week the difference was that there were many close games to call that we all knew that could go either way. Buf vs SD, Ind vs GB, NO vs CA and Bal vs Mia.... in this 4 games it was hard to call the winner and in all 4 cases I went with the hot hand the teams that were playing better right now, in all 4 cases it came back to kick me in the ***.

    There were 2 surprises, the first was Dallas I gave Brad Johnson the benefit of the doubt and didn't gave enough credit to St. Louis, I new there was a big chance Dallas wouldn't cover the spread but never did I thought they would get roll over like that. The other surprise was NYJ vs OAk.... for me this was a shoe in, Favre had been playing great the past couple of weeks, came from a bye and oakland looked worse with cable at coach if that was possible.

    You get weeks like this when things just don't go your way..... some were great calls like. Ten, Pit and NYG covering the big spreads, the chicago game which also was an expecting close game and the Houston game which everyone expected them to cover the spread against a bad Detroit team.

    Sometimes the chips don't fall in your way but knowing you were right in some hard calls is a bright spot that you're going in the right direction. It's always like this when you gamble some times it's just not your night.

    Sorry guys having trouble with the column this week can't seem to get to up all the comments so I'll just post the picks. Next week I'll have it fix.

    Oakland at Baltimore -7.5 Ovr/Und 36

    Straight: Bal
    Spread: Bal
    Ovr/Und: Und

    San Diego at New Orleans 3.5 Ovr/Und 45

    Straight: SD
    Spread: SD
    Ovr/Und: Und

    Kansas City at New York Jets -14 Ovr/Und 39

    Straight: NYJ
    Spread: NYJ
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    Buffalo at Miami 1.5 Ovr/Und 42.5

    Straight: Buf
    Spread: Buf
    Ovr/Und: Und

    Tampa Bay at Dallas -1.5 Ovr/Und 40.5

    Straight: TB
    Spread: TB
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    Atlanta at Philadelphia -9 Ovr/Und 45

    Straight: Phi
    Spread: Phi
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    St. Louis at New England -7.5 Ovr/Und 42.5

    Straight: NE
    Spread: NE
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    Arizona at Carolina -4.5 Ovr/Und 43

    Straight: Car
    Spread: Car
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    Washington at Detroit 8 Ovr/Und 42

    Straight: Was
    Spread: Was
    Ovr/Und: Und

    Cleveland at Jacksonville -7 Ovr/Und 42

    Straight: Jax
    Spread: Cle
    Ovr/Und: Und

    New York Giants at Pittsburgh -3 Ovr/Und 42

    Straight: Pit
    Spread: Pit
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    Seattle at San Francisco -5.5 Ovr/Und 40.5

    Straight: SF
    Spread: SF
    Ovr/Und: Und

    Cincinnati at Houston -9.5 Ovr/Und 45

    Straight: Hou
    Spread: Cin
    Ovr/Und: Und

    Indianapolis at Tennessee -4.5 Ovr/Und 40.5

    Straight: Ten
    Spread: Ten
    Ovr/Und: Ovr

    Hot Picks
    Record 25-17 (60%)

    Tampa Bay (league)
    Tennessee (League)
    San Diego

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