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does any else feel this way?

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by LordEvil, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. LordEvil

    LordEvil Cheesehead

    Aug 19, 2007
    ive been a packers fan since i was 5 years old. i remember watching the pack in the 80s when the magic man and randy wright where the Quarterbacks. back then it was just fun to watch the games. we all kind of new that the team really was going to win a superbowl back then, but winning a game was like winning the superbowl. in last 15 years farve has changed all that, not all by him self , but he has been the one constance thing on the team. his style of play has brought this team to a all new level.
    now we have TT with his new game plan for the team. i think TT has done a great job on the D side of the ball, they will be real fun to watch this year. What about helping farve. the pack is going to have one of the top 5 quarterbacks retire as a packer, I dont like how TT has not been here. now he just leaves farve with no help but driver. I just feel if can play for 15 years and never miss a game for team, your team could some thing for you.
  2. tromadz

    tromadz Cheesehead

    Aug 15, 2005
    my head just exploded
  3. Zombieslayer

    Zombieslayer Cheesehead

    Aug 12, 2006
    For defense, he has been absolutely outstanding.

    There is a strong debate among football junkies that defense wins championships. I've always said a well-balanced team wins championships. However, there are those who think a team should be defense first, offense second. TT appeals to that mindset.

    Is that mindset right? That's another debate.

    TT may have scored big with James Jones. BJack looks good too. We'll see. I'm just thinking 2007 will be an exciting year to be a Packer fan. I can't wait for the season to start. :packbeer:
  4. Fuzznuts

    Fuzznuts Cheesehead

    Jun 14, 2007
    You know, I kinda remember everyone saying the same thing last year, and there were times when the Packers struggled mightily.

    You never know how the season's gonna play out until they button it up and play for real because the other team is thinking the same thing.

    "We're going to beat the **** out of them".

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