Colts Free Agents...Any Help For the Packers Here?


Dec 9, 2004
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Decision, decisions
Here are some significant players who will become free agents in early March. Included are each player's appearances and starts with the Colts, including the postseason, and a look at what the future might hold:
RB Edgerrin James (89 games/89 starts): The club's career rushing leader either returns as an $8 million "franchise player" or is allowed to hit the free agent market.
LB Rob Morris (74/66): Coming off his best season, but it's 50-50 whether he returns for a sixth season.
OT Ryan Diem (66/59): Does the team re-sign a veteran tackle (Diem) or a veteran guard (DeMulling)? Hard to imagine both being affordable.
G Rick DeMulling (54/47): The team wanted to re-sign Steve McKinney after the '01 season, but Houston threw too much money at him. Likewise, DeMulling will draw major interest on free agent market.
S Idrees Bashir (56/56): Uncertain at best. Has never fulfilled potential as a 2001 second-round draft pick.
RB Dominic Rhodes (47/10): Valuable backup and kick returner might return, but the price would have to be right.
CB Nick Harper (65/32): It will be difficult to invest heavily in a mid-level corner who turns 30 next September.
WR Troy Walters (41/5): Worth re-signing. He's easy to overlook, but don't underestimate his versatility and productivity.
S Cory Bird (46/8): Another under-the-radar contributor who could return at the right price.
K Martin Gramatica (5/0): Might be re-signed and given an opportunity to challenge the more expensive Mike Vanderjagt in training camp.
LB Jim Nelson (25/1): One of the few true veterans on defense. He's worth another modest investment.
LB David Thornton, LB Gary Brackett, DE Raheem Brock, CB Joseph Jefferson, RB James Mungro, OL Tupe Peko

Decisions, decisions II
Economics might affect the fate of several Colts who will be under contract but carry hefty 2005 salary-cap numbers. To save money under the cap, a team can restructure a player's contract or release him. Here's a look at several players' 2004 and 2005 salary-cap figures:
Player 2005 2004
Tarik Glenn $6.1M $3.1M
Marcus Pollard $4.8M $3.1M
Jeff Saturday $3.7M $1.6M
Montae Reagor $3.5M $1.2M
Brad Scioli $3.5M $861K
Josh Williams $3.2M $1.1M
Mike Vanderjagt $2.9M $1.6M

Looks like the Colts could take a Beating in the Free Agent Market. I would like to see Rob Morris in Packer Green and Gold.

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