C'mon guys - What about the Offense?


Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
Granted, everyone knows things could be waaay better with the Defense.

But, the last half of "this" Season has turned out to be not so great. In fact, all season long, with the changes in habits all across the NFL - the commentators are starting to notice how long it is between seeing screenplays, etc.

Back in the 90's, Brett had a great TE.. remember Chewey, guys? Mark Chmura? With the Sherm Lewis Offense, we saw quite a bit of the play-action pass, by virtue of crossing routes or screen passes, right to... Chmura. With the Tom Rossley Offense, we practically NEVER go there...

Just the same, having two good, or hopefully great, Tight-Ends to be able to count on.... should (and would) be an option which can take the Packers back to that level they once enjoyed.

Right now, they've elevated Ben Steele, but he is fresh rookie material, which would require a fair amount of grooming to be more viable... which I hear, is something they will be working on all thru next summer. Bubba Franks is considered gone after this season ends.. if they keep him, one wonders why that would be... his hapless play has cost us in several situations... including the End Zone INT during the Jags game yesterday...

(I've noticed that ALL of the Offense seems to think they should stand and wait for the ball to come to them, instead of jumping up and going after the ball, the way that the Pittsburgh WR, Antuan Randle EL, is seen doing all the time - only Walker seems to get it)

What about this guy, on the Practice Squad, tho'.... Sean McHugh?
He's got the size, that's fer sure... and he comes from good stock, too!

Any opinions.. anyone see anything of him in practices...?


Jan 6, 2005
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evansville in
Well lets put it like this. Brett will probably retire after this season. I think he will probably decide that his family is more important. He has been through alot lately. I really wanted them to win this year so he could go out with a bang :towel:

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