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Jun 6, 2005
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Chicago, IL
Heya Pax. Dustin Lyman is the TE as present, and he may have a decent year. With Ron Turner returning as the Bears' OC, he will put added responsibilities on the TE position as he did when he was with the Bears under Wanny. Grossman has good stuff, but wouldn't pick him until the second tier of QBs. Muhammed will probably have a real good year, being that he is the only proven WR on the Bears right now (and I'm not worried about the double coverage - he was double covered most of last year). If you pick Cedric Benson, I wouldn't do so if you're looking for immediate points from him. He and Jones will be sharing carries until Benson, I'm sure, will show his dominance and take over the position from mid-year. Other than that, there really isn't to many other people I would pick to be on my team. The defense is looking really good. Perhaps the fourth or fifth defense picked would be adequate.

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