Cheers to all the Packerbackers


Jan 18, 2022
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Hey cheseheads!.
I' a long time Packers fan but new to the forums.
I' m originally from Europe. Living in Canada for the last 32 years.

I" m a Packerbacker for life.
This first Packer game I watched was in 1996. I don't recall the opponent as I was new to football. Prior to 1996 the only football I new was soccer.

I picked Packers as my team because I like the color green and I thought they had cool looking uniforms, and since I didn't know anything about football it seems like a reasonable way to pick a team haha.

Needless to say whether beginners luck or faith, however you want to look at it we won Superbawl that year and I was sucked in for live.

To be honest if j had any idea about football I wouldn't have picked Packers but rather Steelers because I resonate more with the smashmouth suffocating D# and pound the ball betting the tackles kind of philosophy.

However since I picked Packers and I'm not someone who will bail on my team I'm here all this years later.

Ok. I this this post is long enough.
Anyways Hey all and I post my 2c from time to time .
Let's slap the niners on Sat and make Brady quit football the week after!.

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