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Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by Zero2Cool, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Zero2Cool

    Zero2Cool I own a website

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    Dec 11, 2004
    Green Bay, WI
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    Patrick Fuller, Edmond: If Brett retires after the draft and free agency, it'll appear as a slam against the direction they are moving, based upon the comments he gave to ESPN last week. Have you heard any grumblings from inside the organization about this?
    ch: Patrick you raise an interesting question. Brett Favre has made it pretty clear that he isn't interested in returning if it means having another miserable season like the 2005 season. Therefore, if he retires, I'm guessing the implied message is: I don't think the Packers are going to be very good. That is indeed an image problem that the Packers may have to deal with if it lingers and grows. I haven't heard anyone in the organization gripe about that, but I do hear a lot of chatter about how terrible the roster depth was and how weak the team was in the wake of Mike Sherman the GM's tenure. It could be trying to deflect criticism and/or trying to buy more time to get things in order, or there could be some truth to it.

    Steve, Pensacola, Fl.: What is going on? I thought at least we would have Marquand Manuel signed by now! What the hell is going on???
    ch: The Packers do have Marquand Manuel signed. I know that is sure to bring a great sense of relief among Packers fans. He is probably an upgrade over Mark Roman, which is great, but not exactly the type of free agent signing many fans had in mind.

    Hoosierjohn, Columbia City, In: Chris, I was all concerned that we have not been diving into the free agent market like Minnesota and Washington but I have now convinced myself that Thompson is saving the cash for a couple of weeks and will then sign about 10 second-tier players that will greatly improve our core of players. Some of these big spending teams will run out of cash soon and Thompson will be there to clean-up big time. Am I right?
    ch: That is one possibility. Thompson isn't letting anyone in on his free agency strategy, but that's possible. Once the big name, high priced free agents are off the market, and there are still some younger players with potential on the market, Thompson and the Packers could then "clean up" as you say without much competition. I'm sure Packers fans are hoping you're correct.

    Gordon, Friendship,Wisconsin: Hello Chris: Busy night in Friendship,I'm sure all 698 residents are looking forward to your chat tonight!! Maybe we can get a street named after you, or at least get you into the A/F Athletic Hall of Fame!! What do you think of Javon Walker? Would you trade him or let him sit the year out if he doesn't report? Any quality replacements in FA? Who is gonig to replace Longwell? Is Chester Marcol available? Thank you very much for your time
    ch: Ryan Longwell's departure to Minnesota was, pardon the pun, a real kick in the pants. I know the Packers didn't want to pay that type of money for him, and they think they can make it work with a veteran free agent or a rookie (ala Longwell) but that's no guarantee. Adam Vinatieri is out there, but he's 33 and I'm thinking he'll end up in Dallas. There's Mike Vanderjagt but he doesn't kick off and he's no kid, either. Plus he did choke just recently in the playoffs. As for Javon Walker, I'd definitely entertain trade offers, but if you don't get any you like, I'd make him sit out the season. I definitely wouldn't do anything to accommodate him. Thanks for the chat question. Always nice to hear from the old stomping grounds.

    Kimberly, Sheboygan, wi: Who will the Packers go after to be their punt returner?
    ch: They are hoping that Terrence Murphy recovers from his neck injury, but I'm thinking that's probably wishful thinking. They have to find a combo player (receiver-returner) in free agency or the draft. I can't see them signing one in free agency.

    Mark, Red Wing, MN: Any news on Ryan Pickett ?
    ch: None that I've heard.

    Lidge in CC, Indiana: I can understand Walker a little bit. He hears the Pack has 33 Million to spend and they are not spending it on anybody. He has been one of theier only potential long-term standouts for the last couple of years (until the injuru anyway) and the Packers are not paying him well but they could if they wanted. I see why he is upset. That being said, a contract is a contract and he should live up to it. I think all the players have to be wondering what is going on with no stars being signed and yet no one (other than Kampman) geeting money to stay. Looks like a sinking ship to me.
    ch: Walker has outperformed his current contract. There's no question about that. If he hadn't been injured the Packers would've taken care of him by now with a lucrative, long-term extension. Now that he is bitter it doesn't look good for them working something out. The important thing is for Walker to get healthy. Then the conversation about his contract can take place. Until then I can't see the Packers putting a lot of money into a contract for him. It's too early to say this is a sinking ship, but there are some serious concerns.

    chad, schofield wi: how about a nightmare scenario,neither mario or hawk
    ch: It would be in keeping with what has been to this point a nightmare off-season. It's looking like the Saints are going to use free agency or a trade to fill the QB position, which means they'll probably draft Mario Williams with the second pick. To be honest, I can't see Williams being there for the Packers at No. 5. That just seems like too much to hope for. The guy is too good and he blew away everyone at the combine. As for AJ Hawk, I like him, but not at No. 5. I could see the Packers trading down to 9 or 10 and taking Hawk then, or perhaps the TE from Maryland, Vernon Davis, or maybe Ngata from Oregon, the huge defensive tackle. Right now, if you're counting on them drafting Mario Williams, I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Mark, Red Wing, MN: Of all the remaining free agents out there, which one would you want the Packers to aggressively go after ?
    ch: So many have been signed already it's tough to keep track of who is still out there. They need a kicker in the worst way, so I've got to think that's a priority. It's got to be Vinatieri or Vanderjagt or perhaps Edinger. I also think they really and truly would help themselves a ton with Ryan Pickett.

    Don, Dallas: When Mario Williams is picked up before #5 and Ferguson is now the best player on the board...does Green Bay offer Ferguson, Jevon Walker and a #3 to Texas for Bush? Texas get's the player they crave another All-pro to justify the deal and we get the next great RB. Which side does/doesn't do this deal. The situation of williams gone may happen (better than 50/50).
    ch: The only player that I would trade up to select is Mario Williams, and I can't see the Packers doing that when they have just five selections. I'm not crazy about Reggie Bush so your possible scenario isn't something I'd do. I'd trade down, add another pick or two, and take the next-best player (Vernon Davis, Michael Huff, Ngata).

    Steve, Marshfield, Wi: Chris i've read that the Packers have put off having players visit till Sunday because of Thompson is off scouting is this true? Pleas tell me it's not.
    ch: I read the same report and if it is true this may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I can see it now: Packers: Hi, Ben. Hey, we'd love to sign you this week in free agency, but nobody's going to be home. If you come and the front door at 1265 is padlocked, please call security and they may let you in. Or not. Taylor: Are you for real? Well, if you promise to pay me a ton of money - do we have to pinky swear? - then I guess I won't sign anywhere else. Packers: Geez, thanks. We've only got 400 people in personnel, and another 50 coaches on staff, but you can understand we have nobody here to talk with you. Catch you next week. Taylor: Sounds good. Havel: Yeah, as in "Good Grief!!!!!"

    Baz, Madison: I am happy to see TT avoiding the crazy spending going on in FA right now, although part of me thinks Witherspoon would have looked real good at LB. The prudent approach is to wait for all the signings to die down, although they should have kept Longwell. What is it going to take for Packer GMs to learn not to let good punters and kickers go? It would be great to use some of the existing cap space to extend the deals of core guys on the roster, but dont see any candidates - Tauscher, Clifton, maybe Barnett? Is that it? I think that really speaks to what bad shape the roster is in as a result of Mike Sherman's lack of skill in valuing talent. Your thoughts?
    ch: I agree to an extent, although I do think if the Packers want Ryan Pickett they should nail the deal. Why risk him going elsewhere? Especially when the Packers have the money available? Right now the Packers have no kicker, no punter and no nose tackle. Plus they need help at guard, center, receiver, returner, linebacker and defensive end. Oh, they could use another cornerback, too. That's a lot of holes to fill.

    Jeff, Minneapolis: Chris, you've mentioned in an article and in this chat tonight about the Packers possibly facing a problem with how others outside the organization perceive them. I know that as a Packers fan in the Twin Cities I open the newspaper every day and find that some Twin Cities reporter cackling over the fact that the Vikings are using their salary cap space while the Packers are spending nothing. Have you seen a perception that the Packers are a mismanaged mess growing throughout the NFL, or is it still limited to disgruntled former players and nutty Vikings fans?
    ch: The fallout from Javon Walker's comments, on the heels of Mike McKenzie's comments, and Brett Favre's indecision because he questions how good the Packers might be this year is a lot of stuff. If the perception is that the Packers aren't going to spend money and that they aren't player friendly - EVEN IF IT ISN'T TRUE - it still is very damaging. If free agents are saying no to the Packers without hearing the sales pitch that's a major problem. Ron Wolf said that one of the most important things he did when he arrived here was to begin changing the perception of Green Bay around the league. He said that was instrumental and essential to their success. Ted Thompson may have a similar challenge to deal with. Wolf had Holmgren, White and Favre to help change that perception. Thompson has $20 plus million under the salary cap and the upcoming draft. I wish him luck.

    Kimberly, Sheboygan, wi: chris, do you think Grady Jackson will get signed by another team?
    ch: Grady Jackson, according to reports, hasn't scheduled any visits to this point. Once he realizes that other teams view him as a so-called "second tier" free agent at this point, there's a chance he may return to the Packers. And in the meantime, the Packers let the market save them money regarding Jackson.

    BigMike, Camarillo, CA: The Packers just signed Marquan Manuel - your spin on that?
    ch: He started in place of Ken Hamlin after the Seattle safety was involved in the after-bar fight last season. Manuel has nice size and is a heavy hitter. He'll be an upgrade over Mark Roman, but he's no savior.

    Cameron, Phoenix, Az: Hey Chris, Welcome Back! Chris you know me I'm not one to harp, I'm an optimist by nature....But what the heck is going on! Clevland, Az, Minnesota, and even the Cap strapped Washington Redskins are outdoing us in Free Agency. How does a team have 30 million plus to spend in Free Agency and Basically pick up nothing! I'm starting to not blame Walker for being upset! Normally teams are saving under the cap and can't up a current players contract cause they are tight against the wall....But the Packers are plain playing cheap! This is ridiculous! What are we waiting till we have half the slary cap available till we decide to spend a little. I understand Thompson's philosophy of drafting talent but talent out of the draft takes normally 3 years to develop that's at least 2 more losing teams and that's Sad when you could of done something about it. Is Thompson on Vacation! This is way too stressful for the offseason!
    ch: It is difficult to be upbeat, but fans have to let this thing play out. I know that's not what they want to hear, but it's the way it is. Thompson apparently isn't going to go out and pay big money to big-name free agents. Now, if he wants Ryan Pickett, I'm not sure what the holdup is and why that isn't done. I wouldn't let Pickett hang around out there too long. I'm curious about Thompson's strategy, but I can neither condone nor condemn it until I see it play out a bit. Maybe there is some sense to this apparent madness. We'll see.

    Nick, La Crosse, WI: What did Mike McKenzie say? I haven't heard any new reports and I thought I read everything that had to do with the Packers and the NFL.
    ch: I was refering to McKenzie's comments after he left for New Orleans. He echoed a lot of what Javon Walker is saying, and I think when you have several of those types of situations with talented young players just hitting their prime, it could be a problem. But as far as I know McKenzie hasn't said anything new. Frankly, he said it all on the way out of town.

    John , Madison: IS Kimberly from Sheboygan your girl friend? You sure do answer a lot of her questions!
    ch: No. She's my boss. See? I just answered one of your questions.

    John Everding, Aurora, Co: Hello Chris- I am going to try and not be negative about our free agency activity thus far, but being a team with a whole bunch of dollars, it does not seem like we want to spend any. I guess we will get involved when there is nothing but mediocrity left. This team has the potential of being worse than last year unless we do something to improve all of our weaknesses. What are your initial thoughts on what is going on???
    ch: I think the Packers are in trouble of being worse - if that's possible, and sadly, it is - than they were last year. It could happen, especially if No. 4 is gone and Mario Williams is gone by No. 5 and the Packers do nothing to improve the defense and Ryan Pickett and Grady Jackson sign elsewhere and Javon Walker holds out and Terrence Murphy doesn't come back from his injury and Ahman Green is never the same after his injury. You can't say I'm not optimistic.

    Paul, Sacramento, CA: Chris, How bitter do you think F.A.'s like Longwell, Ruegamer, Davenport, Flanagan, and Grady will be if over the 30 million dollar scrooge GM, Thompson. It seems to me you can understand when your team is stuck against the cap, but when you have 30 million to spend, bitter feelings will seep into the locker room. How can that be productive for winning?
    ch: That definitely is a problem. Longwell's gone, and Flanagan and Davenport and Jackson probably will be gone, too. So they won't be a problem, but guys that come back this year may not be too happy with everything that's transpired.

    chad, schofield wi: this forum is not for complaining about who's questions get answered, out of respect, stop taking anti-kimberly rants.
    ch: Very well put. Who said chivalry is dead? Just one question: If Kimberly from Appleton isn't really a she, then is this really chivalry?

    Bill, Saratoga, CA: Three words...Green Bay Bengals
    ch: The Packers wish.

    Bernie, Morristown, NJ: Chris, I think Thompson has so many holes to fill that he can't spend big money on a few free agents. I think he needs to spread the money across a lot of second tier free agents and hope 2/3 of them come through. New England has never paid big dollars to a few free agents. They gone the second tier route. As for the writers in Minnesota cackling about everyone they are signing, it must be a great place to play. Just ask Duante Culpepper, huh?
    ch: Good one. I may use it in an upcoming column. Do I need to attribute it? Or just plagiarize and hope for the best? Let me know. As for the football portion of your question it is possible that Thompson will proceed as you suggest, the only difference in New England is that they were able to re-sign their own players such as Willie McGinest for a lot of years, and those players they retained almost always outperformed their contracts.

    ch: It depends on the timing of his return, the motivation for it, his health, and how he conducts himself when he returns. I always have thought Walker was a class act, and until he treats me differently I won't change that opinion even given his recent criticism of the team. I think players want to win, and to do that, they know they need great players. That's why Barnett and Kampman would welcome Walker back. It's why the fans would welcome him back. It's why the Packers really don't want to part ways with him. The question is what can the Packers get for him? Can they smooth this over? It doesn't sound like it, but there's still an eternity between now and the regular-season opener. And if this off-season continues to form, it might feel like several eternities.

    Nik, Eden Prairie, MN: What is with all these questions about the people asking the questions? Can't we get back to some Packer news, like who our kicker is going to be next season?
    ch: That's a great point, and just as soon as the Packers know who their kicker is going to be, I'll pass it along. Right now it's a ghost.

    Dean, Marietta,GA: Peterson/ Arrington. Do you like either? Do you thing we may persue them? I would think we may have an inside shot at Peterson via McCarthy.
    ch: I like both of them. I think LaVar Arrington would be a great addition, and Julian Peterson - before a streak of injuries - was one of the very best in the business at his position. Heck, he played everything from pass rushing end to linebacker to safety. The guy is talented and versatile. We'll see. There are players out there, so it's too early to panic.
  2. all about da packers

    all about da packers Cheesehead

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    Jun 5, 2005
    Toronto, Canada
    Thanks for the link Zero.

    Interesting stuff indeed. And now I can sort of see that perhaps I was a little to quick to panic. I'll let TT play out his plan, and I hope it goes well for him.

    BACKIN-PACKIN Cheesehead

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    Feb 28, 2006
    This will be an interesting year, in more ways than one. And we will learn alot more about TT, Walker, McCarthy, and yes, Brett Favre.

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