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Brett and Randy Get Their Play Date

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by theheadcheese.com, Oct 6, 2010.

By theheadcheese.com on Oct 6, 2010 at 7:07 AM
  1. theheadcheese.com

    theheadcheese.com Cheesehead

    Sep 23, 2010
    With the news that the Vikings have acquired Randy Moss for a third round pick and no intentions of signing him to an extension, it's clearer than ever that Minnesota has pushed all of its chips to the middle of the table. They're all in.

    As for 2010, the Vikings are obviously a better team with Moss. If he is basically a rent-a-player for the remainder of the season, he will be motivated to prove he deserves one more payday. He'll need to get in synch with Favre quickly if he wants to prove he deserves $9-10 million per year. Reportedly, Moss was "shocked" to be traded. Without a new deal, he would be a potential headache for a new team. Minnesota is the one place you don't expect that to happen. He has a shot at his first ring here.

    Moss provides a missing ingredient in the Vikings offense--the ability to stretch a defense. The Vikings offense has been dink and dunk through three weeks, in part due to the lack of Sidney Rice, in part due to Favre's rustiness. Speaking of Rice, this trade speaks volumes about the severity of Rice's hip injury. They clearly weren't assuming Rice would be able to step onto the field and be the Pro Bowler he was last year--at least right away.

    The trade makes things much more interesting in the NFC North. Packer fans are thinking, hmmm, the Vikings offense had a clearcut hole and they went out and plugged it. How come our team never does that? Let's not forget, they surrendered a third rounder in this deal--a steep price for a guy who will only play 13 games for you. I don't see any way they pay Moss big bucks, not with Rice still holding his hand out and Harvin not far behind.

    Things just got a bit tougher for the Pack in their bid to unseat the purple atop the North. The trade doesn't address the Vikings' issues on the offensive line, where they are vulnerable at center and have gotten mediocre play at tackle. But their offense has a chance to look a bit more like last year's edition. And that offense gave the Packers problems. Twice.

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Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by theheadcheese.com, Oct 6, 2010.

    1. Murgen
      Should make our game with them more interesting, especially without Burnett now.
    2. Jordan
      LOL! Remember good ole Ted telling Favre like a little kid you cant have a toy today, next time! Favre has one thing going thro his head, and thats proving to Ted he was right on getting Moss. I hope Al Harris just got a little motivation to come back cause were going to need him...
    3. robdog
      This is not good news for Packer fans! Just another reason that we need to get a good running back and not be a 1 dimensional team!
    4. Topper
      The biggest problem with this trade to Packer fans is it instantly took a team that was close to imploding and gave them second life. The motivational factor to Favre and Moss alone could make them dangerous. This should not be overlooked, that could be the ingredient needed for this team, that has looked like a shell of itself, to make a run. I know one thing they will be giving us their best game of the season....to stick it to TT. I hate to play this kind of game but we need to match this by signing Deangelo....
    5. PackerFan87
      Argh. I don't want to say we are screwed now vs the Vikings but not getting Lynch and them getting Moss is going to be a challengeeee :X
    6. packerswin96
      Listen you guys, most are overreacting. Yes, the Vikings are now better, but no they are not better than the Packers now and being 1&1\2 games back already there is no way that the Vikings win the division. GoPackers!
    7. Packman Chant
      Packman Chant
      I say this doesnt help them as much as it seems it will. Favre will force deep passes to Moss. We just need our defense to stay UN-injured man. injuries are killing us. We are going to be ok, no doubt.
    8. randymoonsthepacks

      Ya... cuz no team has ever come back from 1 1/2 games in a division...
    9. randymoonsthepacks
      The best thing about this Moss trade from a Vikings fan perspective isn't the obvious fact that it should help rejuvenate our passing attack, is that it will force teams to back up from the line. AP should see less 8/9 men in the box and start seeing less guys. The vikings definitely have all the talent in the world to make a super bowl run, but it comes down to whether they can produce. I think they will.

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