Blocked Field Goals

El Guapo

Dec 7, 2011
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Land 'O Lakes
Another game and another blocked field goal. That's seven this year. Slocum says that they are mostly blocking issues and not because of Crosby's trajectory. I read an interesting nugget:

Slocum knows teams have and will continue to load up to block kicks until Green Bay fixes the problem.

"I think when you show something in this league where you're not successful with it," Slocum said, "then you're going to get attacked there."

My mind is to use your opponents momentum against them - a basic tenant of judo that is applicable to most sports and life. I think it would be wise to attempt a fake FG sometime in the next game to take the heat off of the FG blocking units, similar to how a screen pass makes a defense think twice about rushing the passer hard.

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