Bhawoh Jue signs with Chargers


Dec 15, 2004
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I think with Bawoh Jue - we saw a player "out of place" --- He played Safety in College - not Cornerback... and Sherman, Donatell, Slowik, etc.... all made the mistake of NOT trying him in his original position. He failed miserably at CB - I wish him luck and will watch his progress with the Chargers - he may finally get that chance to star in the League....

Part of what we'll see this year is any limitations as Coach - with Mike Sherman!
Ultimately - we've already heard several comments about how Sherman doesn't listen,, to advice given by other Members of the Staff -- if that has any merit as a true statement - it 'will' bear itself out as we watch this next season play out.

Jue playing Safety was always something I thought the Packers should have done - NOT bring in Mark Roman... oh well.

Who is next you say? Well, let's see ---- the official link is here.....

Packers Free Agents List

For one - If Sharper were to cut a deal and stay with the Pack - He'd damn well better earn the money,,,
I hope we can hang onto Kampman, he was awesome last year - always was wherever the ball was... I think his rating was limited by the talent missing in the DC himself - not his play on the field... if you get my drift.

One thing ----- this is now Ted Thompson's Green Bay Packers......
Having said that - we need to give the man his due and watch how this all unfolds... In the end, I htink it will all work out...

Here's the thing - go back and look at who the Team Players were forst on 1995, then on 1996, and again on 1997 and into 1998
(Mike Holmgren Era)

I've personally met Mike Prior - sad, he was drunk at the time, right before the Packers/Colts game last year where I held our Tailgate Party.... I would offer that if I were to run into Mike again - the impression would be way different - He's the Athletic Director here in Indy at St. Luke's Catholic School.

But, getting back to the point - go back and review just how many players changed throughout those four years..... I think you'll find several players who left were a bit disappointed about the rest of the Team finally getting those SuperBowl rings.. So it goes... and who knows... it could be somewhat the same scenario here again....

Remember - we go nowhere without a great Defense!

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