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Analysis, Position by Position

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by kmac, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. kmac

    kmac Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Apr 18, 2006
    QB-Brett didn't look bad, didn't look good. The performance of the O-line didn't help. However, with Driver catching that TD pass or Jennings converting on 4th, he would have looked a lot better. I give Brett a thumbs up for the game. Rodgers was also very solid, but it was obvious that he was playing with the 2nd team.

    RB-Davenport, was, well, garbage. He wasn't really hitting the holes hard, and he missed 2 pass blocks that resulted in Brett getting pancaked. Gado was Gado. Decent, but nothing special. I didn't notice anything spectacular or horrible about the FB play.

    WR-Driver and Jennings both had a couple that they should have caught, but didn't. However, we saw flashes of brilliance from both, so it's nothing to be concerned about in my opinion. Ferguson had the 1 terrific catch, but otherwise kind of disappeared. Rodgers, Martin, and Gardner looked okay, Boerigter was surprisingly half-way decent.

    TE-Didn't hear a whole lot from this group. Bubba's blocking was fantastic. David Martin made a couple of good catches. He'll need to do that, since Lee has been better in camp from what I've read. This should be a solid but not spectacular group, just like we saw.

    OL-Wow. Pretty bad for the most part. Clifton was the only bright spot, as he didn't let his man by once in the 1st quarter. Tauscher was shockingly bad. 1 run for a big loss and 1 sack were 100% his fault and no one else's. Also didn't make all the blocks on plays where Colledge was worse. As bad as Tauscher was, that happened a lot. Colledge looked completely lost out there. Spitz and Wells were both decent, but both did miss their blocks a couple of times. Nothing awful though, they should do fine as the starters. Coston was downright awful. I don't feel confident having him as the backup LT. All the other backup linemen looked pretty solid.

    DL-Didn't hear from them at all in the 1st quarter, but they sure turned it on in the 2nd. Cole, Williams, and KGB all had a couple of outstanding plays in the 2nd quarter. Kampman, however, didn't really show up. None of the backups did anything spectacular or atrocious. They were backups.

    LB-Barnett looked very good. Taylor also made a couple of nice plays with no mistakes. Hawk got owned by Gates on 1 play, but after that he looked very good. He's progressing nicely and will be a legitimate starter this year, and I think a real star eventually. Hodge looked pretty lost. He missed his coverage a couple times and seemed too agressive, over-pursuing quite a bit.

    CB-Woodson didn't have his name called, and that's a good thing. Osgood didn't get anything when he was covered by Woodson. Al Harris, however, was beaten more often than not by McCardell. Also got torched on the called back TD. Fortunetely for us, no one in the NFC North has any real WRs. Carroll was....Carroll. He got beat a couple of times, and got away with a couple of penalties. Horton did a solid job as far as I could see, but he was up against scrubs.

    S-Collins didn't really play, and Underwood got injured bad early. Culver looked like a rookie at times, but at other times looked fantastic. I'm confident that he can fill in at S and that he'll be a good player someday.

    K/P-Ryan punted pretty good, Sander sucked. Cundiff made a FG, that's all we saw from him. I think we'll be just fine with Ryan and Cundiff.

    KR-Woodson and Rodgers both looked pretty crappy. Look for Jennings and ****** to get some shots at returner next game. We're not going to have Dante Hall, but we've got enough guys that have done it before that we'll come up with someone servicable.

    Comments? Questions?
  2. cheesey

    cheesey Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Nov 24, 2005
    I think Aaron Rodgers looked ALOT better then last preseason. Which is good if the O-line keeps playing as bad as last night.
    Greg Jennings looked promising. Ryan the punter looked ok.
    Favre was WAY too rushed.....again.
    D put NO pressure on their QB.
    It pretty much stunk.

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