All right! Now Brett's back so how about...


Jun 6, 2005
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TT could have swung a deal for Moulds...

but didn't seem to try all that hard..!


Mar 11, 2006
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Ok if JW is out of the equation who will be our #1 reciever, Donald? I think this is a to big of a job for him... Gardner??? a number 2 o3 3 receiver tops..... Boerigter???? Gime a break..

We need some weapons for the ofense !!!

People like you always find something to complain about...

Ted Thompson was obviously trying to force Brett Favre out...last night that fell by the wayside, and now, what is the anti-TT stable's arguement gonna be..."we're trying to embarass brett in his last season"

Give Thompson a break--who was available in free agency, Antwaan Randle El (who signed a large contract), and Jabar Gaffney who went with the Eagles--both of whom signed long before the Walker blow-up occured...

Terrence Murphy getting hurt is completely Ted Thompson's fault, he obviously directed him to get hit with his head hurt just to screw over Brett if he so chose to come back this year

here's how I see our recieving core
Javon Walker-huge question mark, no one knows at this point, even if he returns

Donald Driver-Still Brett's favorite target
Rod Gardner-Had great potential out of college, didnt live up to it with Washington, didn't sign a huge deal so it prob won't go to his head
Marc Boeritger-I've seen him make some big catches for KC
Robert Ferguson-Hopefully he can get away from his apprehensiveness last year and catch some balls in traffic again

People are forgetting that the return of Ahman Green, and the emergence of Donald Lee will account for more passes this year

Having a healthy backfield will account for less times having to throw the ball

I'm not saying reciever isn't a need, but I think given the factors surrounding this offense, we don't need a "#1" either a draft pick, or if not, look for someone decent to be cut after june 1st

Javon....I usually agree with you but you are off on this one. We DO need some weapons at wideout. I think TT will probably get someone to help out. If you are comfortable with Borighter or Ferguson ...God bless you. There is a reason Bo couldn't get a contract better than one year near the minimum.

Lastly, just because Favre is coming back in no way means that TT wanted him back. Favre is much bigger than TT and like it or not TT had no control over whether Brett came back or not. I'm not saying he tried to force Brett out but he did nothing to bring him back. People can draw their own conclusions. I DO think McCarthy is glad that Brett came back.

Who were we supossed to get though for Brett. Randel El signed a big deal. Brandon Lloyd was traded for a 3rd round pick. Eric Moulds was traded as well. Johnson signed a pretty nice size contract at all and had his heart set on Carolina.

How about Vernon Davis in the Draft. 4.35 speed.. Can be used as a WR and TE. Can stretch the field. 40 inch vert. That's a nice weapon. I'm sure MM can think of some creative ways to use him. Davis, Franks and Driver would be solid. Then all we need is for one of the 3 WR's Fergy, Boerigter, and Gardner to emerge. Favre alone will probably make them look better. He always has..

At #5 we're in position to take Davis but do we pass on the BPA in Davis (in my opinion) for a very solid outside LB. That's the question right now.

We've been through this. If I mention T.O. whom Brett has also mentioned recently (hmmmm) this thread will go to pot.

TO got a lot of money from Dallas. I think the entire league new where he was ending up.

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