Al Harris Named NFC Defensive Player Of The Week


Dec 7, 2004
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Fond du lac WI
Very well deserved I guess I didn't realize just how good of a year he is having, I got this off Fox Sports website.

No one is noticing this because, before this week, the rest of the secondary was awful. But Al Harris is very quietly having a great season. We track how each team does against different types of receivers, and Green Bay is 27th against second receivers, 31st against third receivers and 22nd against tight ends. However, the Packers are the best defense in the league so far against No. 1 receivers. With Harris usually covering the other team's top receiver, Green Bay limited Steve Smith to 12 yards, Roy Williams to 13 yards, Donte' Stallworth to six, Antonio Bryant to 32 and Joey Galloway to 53 . (Or, if you consider Michael Clayton to be Tampa Bay's No. 1 receiver, he had just 44 yards.)

Granted besides Steve Smith those WR's aren't superstars but still pretty impressive.

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