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After the game : The Wizards run down of Seattle

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by wizard 87, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. wizard 87

    wizard 87 Old Enough To Know Better

    Sep 6, 2008
    Well the Packers needed a win this week and they went into Seattle and got one. It was nice to not be pulling my hair out throughout the game this week.


    The Defense
    For at least one week, the defense stepped up and controlled the game. D-Coordinator Bob Sanders mixed things up a bit and brought some blitzes (hitting home with one with a sack by Woodson). We pressured the QB consistently and even got some sacks, though Charlie Frye held onto the ball a long time. You can say we were playing against their depleted offense and 3rd string QB, but we aren't the healthiest group on defense either and weren't playing great overall coming into this game. I must say that our secondary has stepped up after Al Harris went out. Tramon Williams has been an absolute stud and got another pick yesterday totaling 3 on the season. I touted him during the preseason and he's hasn't disappointed. Charles Woodson has been his usual self, being the savvy veteran and making plays. What impresses me most is that none of our DBs shy away from sticking their noses in the running game and making some tackles. A solid day for the defense, lets hope they've stopped the bleeding and can work on getting better next week.

    Offensive game control
    The Packers did exactly what they needed to do to win this game: they controlled the clock, ran the ball, and converted 3rd downs. That allowed them to grind it out against Seattle and not let their offense get into any sort of rhythm. We didn't rush the ball that well, but we rushed it enough to keep play action viable which led the way for both TD passes. We got away from using the tight ends this week which isn't good, but the inclusion of Jordy Nelson into the passing game lately shows teams that they can't just focus on Jennings and Driver and get away with it. By the way, can't say enough about Rodgers'TD throw to Jennings. Off his back foot, a perfectly thrown ball. Great play.

    INT celebration
    The Packer DBs revealed a new celebration that follows an INT. They cordially shake hands with the player that made the pick and move on. I couldn't help but laugh when Woodson and Williams were getting handshakes from their fellow DBs after making their play. Who knows how long before the NFL starts fining us for this "group celebration," but I'll enjoy watching it until then. This underscores a theme with this defense though in that they will take the ball away this season. They have 11 INTs this year, averaging just less than 2/game. That gives us a great chance to win more games.


    The Running game
    I know I know, I complimented the running game in my likes, but this is more specific. Ryan Grant is going to the ground way to easy. At first contact he's stumbling and hitting the ground. He was tough to tackle last season and there's no reason he can't be this season. He's slow on his cutbacks and some of that is the O-line, but eventually he needs to step up and be the RB they thought he'd be. Sad to see Kreg Lumpkin go on the IR. He was a great story out of camp and really impressed fans and coaches. I guess Deshawn Wynn will get another crack at some playing time, hope he can stay healthy.

    This was a good win for the Packers. It wasn't the cure-all for what ails this team but it was a start. The defense needs to stay sharp and disciplined and make tackles when they have the chance. Indy comes to town next week and should test this unit thoroughly. Nice to get back into the win column. Go Pack Go

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