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About that loss, and I know there are many topics..

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Brandon, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Cheesehead

    Jan 5, 2012
    I've finally calmed down and decided to come post my feelings here, because what we witnessed was a truly terrible game. I give credit to the Giants defense because they are just like we were last year, creating turnovers and not giving the other team a great chance of getting their offense in rhythm. That being said...

    1.) Onside kick was a TERRIBLE decision. It's a 10-10 game, and you are really not giving our defense a shot at playing the field when they LEAD THE LEAGUE IN TURNOVERS?! Sure if it works McCarthy looks like a genius, but chances of it working are slim.. especially now that most kickoffs go out of the endzone there's no reason for special teams to not play the surprise onside kick.

    2.) Rodgers played the worst I've ever seen him in his career. It's like he was wearing dirty goggles, no vision of the field, made bad throws and missed wide open receivers a few times. Yes I know he was rushed a lot, but statistically he's made most of his best throws on the move.

    3.) NO ONE could hold onto the ball. Dropped passes, fumbles, really? It's like the Packers decided to watch the Saints/49'ers game and mimic exactly what the Saints did. Only difference in that game is Brees played better, and maybe even convinced this old Packer fan that he is more deserving of the MVP than Rodgers.

    4.) The refs even tried to help us out, and we still couldn't keep it close. I don't care who you are, that was a CLEAR fumble by Greg Jennings. There was no reason the refs couldn't overturn that, and I was shocked that they didn't. It really felt like a gimme touchdown to Kuhn after that call. There were also several hits on Eli and lineman grabbing facemasks that were never called against the Packers.

    5.) The Hail Mary was the real deflating killer, the crowd never got into it after that play. Why... in... the.... world... would you not freakin play a prevent defense with 6 seconds left?! WHY WASN'T THE ENTIRE TEAM IN THE ENDZONE? I don't get why our corners pulled up and out of the end zone, because even if someone catches it in the field of play the half is over.. no time for anything. I thought maybe our defense was more deserving of some credit, but this play alone showed why we were dead last in passing yards.

    6.) Zero pass rush. Even when blitzing the house it looked as though the Giants O-line was looking for someone to block. Can't win games like that.

    7.) No reason not to air it out. I don't understand the slightest bit why Rodgers wasn't air-mailing balls left and right like he has been all year. Even in tight coverage our receivers consistently have a knack of catching in blanket coverage, and Rodgers just didn't look comfortable enough to do it.

    There's my rant. When all is said and done I'm still 100% behind my Packers and hope to see many more deep playoff runs in the future with this young, talented team.. but it just goes to show how meaningless 15-1 is when you lose in this embarrassing fashion, and don't sugar coat it.. because this WAS an embarrassing loss. Better luck next year to our club.

    End rant.

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