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2007 Season Scenarios: Best & Worst

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by TOPHAT, Aug 9, 2007.


    TOPHAT Cheesehead

    Mar 1, 2007

    Best and worse case scenarios

    Running backs

    Best case scenario: Vernand Morency carries the bulk of the load for the Green Bay Packers and averages over 4.3 yards per carry. He doesn't get 1,000 yards because he splits time with rookie Brandon Jackson who gets over 500 rushing himself in his rookie year. Noah Herron succeeds in a third down back role for the Packers getting at least 4 touchdowns in the process.
    Worse case scenario: Vernand Morency begins the year injured and never gets up to form. Brandon Jackson is tried as the featured back, but he can't pick up the blitz so he hardly plays. Noah Herron is experiemented with as the workhorse because the other two fail, but he does no better. DeShawn Wynn proves why he was only a seventh round pick.

    Wide receivers

    Best case scenario: Donald Driver again makes the Pro Bowl. Greg Jennings fully recovers from his ankle injury and has nearly as good stats as Driver. James Jones gains the trust of Brett Favre and makes the All-Rookie team like Jennings did a year ago. Ruvell Martin excels in a fourth wide receiver role and becomes a weapon around the endzone where he utilizes his size. The Packers keep Carlyle Holiday around because of his potential, and he adds two touchdowns as the fifth option. David Clowney returns at least one kickoff for a touchdown and averages 22 yards per return. Koren Robinson sparks the return game when returns.
    Worst case scenario: Driver loses a step and has the least amount of catches since his rookie year. Jennings has 20 catches on the year and becomes no better than any other journey man. Jones suffers a rookie slump and lets go of the no. 3 job. Neither Ruvell Martin nor Carlyle Holiday smell the endzone. David Clowney gets cut, and Koren Robinson isn't even reinstated to the NFL.


    Best case scenario: Brett Favre is helped out by an improved offense and returns to the Pro Bowl once again. His completion percentage and touchdowns go up while his interceptions go down. Aaron Rodgers throws a handful of touchdowns as he gets into games when the Packers are up by 21 points.
    Worst case scenario: Brett Favre throws more interceptions than touchdowns. Even worse, he suffers an injury and his consecutive start streak is snapped. Aaron Rodgers becomes another Joey Harrington and becomes a name Packer fans want to forget. Ingle Martin is forced to start a game due to injuries to both Favre and Rodgers.

    Tight ends

    Best case scenario: Bubba Franks displays the blocking he's known for and becomes the endzone threat he was early in his career. Donald Lee becomes a viable option for the Packers and has around 30 catches. Zac Alcorn surprises everyone and has the most catches among all Packer tight ends. Clark Harris makes the team and plays more snaps than anyone expects he would have.
    Worst case scenario: Bubba Franks is cut. Donald Lee is passed up by the younger tight ends on the roster. Zac Alcorn never catches a pass all year, and Harris never even makes the team.

    Offensive line

    Best case scenario: The Packers lead the NFL in least amount of sacks allowed and they don't even need the help of the tight end for blocking purposes. Clifton, Colledge, Wells, Spitz and Tauscher start all 16 games. Tauscher finally is elected to the Pro Bowl.
    Worst case scenario: The tight end has to continually help a struggling offensive line. Chad Clifton's knees finally give in, and he finds himself out for the year. Colledge and Spitz both suffer sophomore slumps. Tony Palmer, Tony Moll, Junius Coston, Allen Barbre, etc. are forced to start multiple games due to injury.

    Defensive line

    Best case scenario: Justin Harrell starts all 16 games and earns All-Rookie honors. Ryan Pickett betters last year's impressive season. Corey Williams has a career high in sacks and proves he's worth the contract he will command the upcoming offseason. Aaron Kampman leads the NFL in sacks and earns All-Pro honors. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila gets double digit sacks in his pass rush specialist role. Michael Montgomery plays regularly as a run stuffing defensive end. Johnny Jolly and Colin Cole play regularly in defensive tackle rotation.
    Worst case scenario: Justin Harrell becomes another Jamal Reynolds and never even sees the field. Pickett is removed from the starting lineup after an underwhelming year. Williams does worse and never sees his big payday. Kampman shows he hit his peak in 2006, and becomes just average in 2007. KGB never regains his form despite playing only on third downs. Michael Montgomery is forced to start due to injury. Johnny Jolly rarely sees the field, and Colin Cole gets cut.


    Best case scenario: A.J. Hawk makes the Pro Bowl and his name is uttered in the same breath as Brian Urlacher. Nick Barnett leads the team in tackles, has three inceptions, five sacks, leads the team in both fumbles forced and recovered and throw a touchdown in for good measure. Brady Poppinga makes over 70 tackles and has five sacks. Abdul Hodge, Desmond Bishop, and Tracy White rarely see the field but play meaningful backup roles and all are heavy contributors on special teams.
    Worst case scenario: Hawk has a worse season than his rookie year. Barnett's off-the-field troubles come back to haunt him, and Packer nation turns on him. Brady Poppinga can't make it through the entire season healthy. Abdul Hodge never realizes his potential. Desmond Bishop looks lost out on the field. Tracy White is cut in favor of keeping younger players.

    Defensive backs

    Best case scenario: Both Al Harris and Charles Woodson become Pro Bowl starters as they combine for a dozen interceptions. Nick Collins has a breakout season and and accounts for 10 turnovers by year's end. Marquand Manuel quiets his critics and has a solid season. Patrick Dendy never lets go of his nickel cornerback job. Jarrett Bush has two interceptions on the year and contributes heavily on special teams. Marviel Underwood returns from injury nicely. Atari Bigby grabs ahold of the dime slot, plays, and contributes all year long. Will Blackmon boosts the return game and even sees the field once in a while on defense. Frank Walker forces the coaches to make him the nickel back. Tyrone Culver makes the team and contributes on special teams.
    Worst case scenario: Woodson and Harris are both slowed by age and people wonder if their starting days are over. Collins stagnates and is forced to ride the pine late in the year. Marquand Manuel has an even worse season than last year and is cut mid-season. Dendy loses hold on the nickel job and barely sees the field. Bush grabs the nickel job, but fails to hold onto it too. Underwood never recovers and never even sees the field. Bigby is passed by on the depth chart. Blackmon can't stay healthy and spends the season on injured reserve. Walker and Culver are cut.

    Special teams

    Best case scenario: Either Dave Rayner or Mason Crosby make over 90 percent of their field goals, score over 115 points and consistently boom kickoffs into the endzone. Jon Ryan matches his gross punting average from last year, but his net goes way up. Rob Davis rides off into the sunset a winner.
    Worst case scenario: Either Rayner or Crosby end up as a street free agent. Ryan forces the team to draft a punter next year. Davis sends two snaps over the holder's head and makes fans think that he can't make it to the front office quick enough.

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