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    2009 SCHEDULE

    Who knows what THE PACKERS record will be?? Not me. Just way too many variables this year to comtemplate/predict such a thing.... Maybe after 8 or 9 games one could foretell such a thing, but the last part of the schedule looks overwhelming.... now, before a game is even played....
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    Interesting Take on Hunt

    Hard to believe anything but a failed drug test is responsible for C Hunt missing training camp.
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    Sherman...on the ropes?

    Re: JW04 I was at that game with a Jet buddy of mine. We left to beat traffic about mid 4th Q. As we were getting on the NJ Turnpike the fireworks went off over the stadium again and my Jet Buddy started a sickening laugh. He was not rubbing it in, but was proud of his team and how they...
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    Chris Carter says......

    Here is an interesting take on the holdouts. Many of us do not like Chris Carter but he is pretty candid in this article. Six Points: Cashing in By Cris Carter, Yahoo! Sports May 6, 2005 Yahoo...
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    Interesting Sherman Article

    I think Sherman (now) can concentrate only on the best 53 men he will be leading to the Super Bowl. It sure is gonna be fun for all of us.....
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    Davenport News

    Why are you being so negative about his negativity? Wait, that is 2 negatives and 2 negatives equal a positive. DAMN, YOU ARE GOOD!!!
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    Picking Pro Bowlers over Number Ones

    First, I don't think people were bashing Sander, but rather the way Sherman traded picks and used a 3rd round pick on a punter who took up a roster spot all season. Secondly, Sander hasn't done squat in the NFL, yet. He could come with a tired leg from kicking all summer. Or, his leg could...
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    Hilarious Walker quote

    I was gonna mention it but saw your post first. Un-Far/King-believeable
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    Walker says he won

    There is a positive here. Last year with MM Sherman had to be GM and Coach. This year Sherman can just coach and let TT deal with this holdout BS... Didn't Harlan say he made up his mind to split the duties when he saw how the MM fiasco was affecting MS the GM?
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    Pack takes Nick Collins

    I'm frequently surprised how much posters know. It was a strange draft for THE PACKERS, lets give everyone an oppurtunity to ventilate....
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    Packers 1st round draft pick >>>

    I hope TT see it that way, also....
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    Sherman's last year?

    I agree. I would like to how Sherman performs as HC without the responsibilities of GM. Then make the decision to retain him. Sorta like a contract year.
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    Packers Off-season

    That seals it for me, undersized and unblockable during Senior Bowl practices. Those are relatively astonishing prerequisites when deciding who to draft with your first pick. I mean, couldn't he have come up with something better to validate the pick then, undersized and unblockable during...
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    Packers announce coaching assignments

    I like the lineup, especially the loss of Novak. I notice he will work for the team on a "voluntary basis."
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    Why isn't there...

    They televised 10 games where I live (Joisey). I cannot see paying $200+ to see six games. Most years I get to see 3 - 5 games (plus the Sports Bar Sceen), but I hate to pay for a service I would only use for 4 months. Anyway I think the NFL would serve thier fans better if the access for select...