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    Packers and Jaylon Smith closing in on a deal

    Good grief. You can go on YouTube and watch the Ice Bowl QB sneak 1,000 times if you want to. If you think Kramer was offsides you have problems with your eyesight. Click the link below
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    Official Niners studs n duds

    Congratulations! This is the first time in the history of the internet those exact words have been written in a single sentence.
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    Official Niners studs n duds

    Duds - The officiating crew The non-call on the intentional grounding before the end of the 1st half was outrageous. Completely inexcusable unless the refs are on the take. Did the SNF announcers ever come back to that egregious non-call? Did they run that by their in-house official? I skipped...
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    Official Packers vs SF Shout Box game day

    Horrible no call on intentional grounding. In the pocket and throws a pass to offensive linemen and Packers. That no call just cost the Packers 7.
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    Snacks Harrison claimed by the Packers

    The Packers need to stop bringing in people with names like "Snacks" and "Taco." I want players with names like "Bruiser" or "Bonecrusher."
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    The Aaron Rodgers performance thread

    Nice to see AR remove his head from his rear end. Let's hope he keeps this up against teams better than the Lions.
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    The Aaron Rodgers performance thread

    JaguarGator9 reference!
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    The Aaron Rodgers performance thread

    I think Aaron is having a mid-life crisis about 10 years earlier than normal. Did he recently buy a convertible?
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    The Aaron Rodgers performance thread

    Only one QB has ever won a Super Bowl with long hair: Ken Stabler (1976 season). But that was in the 70's and that was on a team that loved rogue characters. Tom Brady has worn long hair during multiple seasons in the past. Number of Super Bowl wins with short hair? 7 Number of Super Bowl wins...
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    The Aaron Rodgers performance thread

    Curtis Painter never cut it as a QB in the NFL. And do you know why? This is why:
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    Fire Gutekunst

    I disagree. But ultimately it's impossible to know.
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    I'm looking forward to the pics. I'm a dog guy.
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    Fire Gutekunst

    I fully recognize that Rodgers has been the best player on the team for a long time and has much to do with their success during his time as a starter. But Gutekunst has been criticized for not making Rodgers happy. My point is that I don't think any GM could make Rodgers happy. The...
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    Bulaga a Charger

    He was just placed on IR by the Chargers with a back injury. Missed 6 games last year. I think Packers management has a pretty good track record of letting go of aging and expensive offensive linemen. Thankfully Aaron Rodgers isn't the GM.
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    Disagreement in organization about Will Fuller

    I thought I'd update this since Will Fuller is in the news again. He signed with Miami for 2021 on a one year deal for $10 million. Was still under suspension for week 1. The Dolphins just announced he's out for this week due to "personal reasons" and don't know if he will be back this year...