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Mar 22, 2019
Apr 14, 2009
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March 18
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Orange County, CA
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Administrator, from Orange County, CA

Staff Member Administrator

getting ready to release the big announcement... Apr 23, 2015

robdog was last seen:
Mar 22, 2019
    1. I_am_smoked_cheddar
      Did you get my e-mail and am I being sanctioned. I hesitate to post as someone will ambush me. Alerts are not showing up like they used to. I not anoying the schoolyard bullies. They can do as they want. I am ignoring them.
      1. robdog
        Can you please resend the email to [email protected]? I can not seem to find the email that you sent me.

        Jul 2, 2012
      Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers
      Thursday, Aug 9, 2012 - 8:00 PM
      Hey Rob, is the above information true? And the ticket prices I saw are way high for a preseason game. Seat hound got any good deals yet/
      1. robdog
        The dates/times are not 100% confirmed by the NFL yet. But the Packers are going to travel well so ticket prices are going to be a little pricey. I will let you know if I find any deals for tickets.
        Apr 11, 2012
      2. NACHOMAN
        Nice, thanks
        Apr 11, 2012
    3. steamingutpile
      i don't see a space to type in the shoutbox...am i restricted from that as a noob?
      1. robdog
        Yes, you need 5 regular posts before you can post in the shout box.
        Dec 13, 2011
    4. robdog
      In Florida at a web conference, not a bad state, lol.
    5. robdog
      YAY for Friday, our new mods and the chat room!
    6. robdog
      Big deployment tonight... I am going to be up late! YAY!
    7. Murgen
      Hey Robdog. A guy at [email protected] registered a month ago and says he hasn't been given rights to post. He's username is Future12
      1. robdog
        I just went ahead and manually approved his account. Not sure why he went into the approval bucket. I also sent him an email as well.
        Sep 9, 2011
    8. neilfii
      robdog, any word/instructions yet on getting images into our sigs?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. neilfii
        Those things sound more important to me. Sounds like you have the right priorities. Please don't get the impression I'm nagging. I think you're doing an awesome job and I have absolutely no complaints.
        Sep 8, 2011
      3. robdog
        I don't get that impression at all. I expect people to let me know what they want. Not a big deal at all honestly.
        Sep 8, 2011
      4. Terre Haute Cheesehead
        Terre Haute Cheesehead
        robdog, I sent you a message a week or so ago about this issue and I should have probably posted it "here" instead and I apologize. Sorry for NOT being more considerate and remaining patient, so please add me to the list as well, of those who did not intend to be nagging. Outstanding new site! Props to you for doing a great job.
        Sep 12, 2011
    9. robdog
      Glad to be out of the woods with this Packer Forum upgrade! BOOYAH!
    10. Jess
      Is the PackerForum Twitter account a bot? Because it found my account I use to talk to people from this other forum I go to and now PF is following me, so it does a damn good job. :icon_lol:
    11. Pegger Packer
      Pegger Packer
      Hey there Rob(dog)!

      Got a quick question for you. My gf signed up for an account (i believe her username is "beautifuleyes") and she seems to have some issues getting her account confirmed. Not sure what you could possibly do/check to see the status of that account, but any help would be greatly appreciated!
    12. GreenGoldAngel
      I admire all the work you put into running this forum, but when it gets to the point where a member can say that Nelson and Hawk are only popular because they are white, I had to get into an exchange. To me, 52 years after seeing my first Packer game, there are no "black or white" players. I only see Green and Gold. I am white and backed Martin Luther King. I was given the chose of dropping the subject or be banned for life. I choose being banned for life. I can not and will not accept racial slurs. Good Luck with your forum.

      EDIT: Lombardi would agree with me.
    13. JJP41
      Not to be a pain in the *** but we're all extremely happy the Pack won obviously and we still have to deal with TMC the Steelers fan crapping up the forum. I believe LongtimeFan has explained the actions of the mods as well as he can but this guy refuses to just leave it alone. Just saying it's getting really old and if TMC has a problem with a specifc individual, he should have his verbal battle one on one and not dragging his little personal vendetta out in the threads. Just my opinion. THanks.
    14. Jess
      That looks awesome Rob. Nice work. *mindlessly watches counter while getting a little more excited as every second passes*
    15. aaronqb
      I would like to have all of my posts deleted. longtimefan tried to do this for me, but he was unable to do it since i have over 500 posts. could you delete them (and my profile)? nothing bad about this forum - just don't want my postings on it.

    16. Jess
      I think we should have a Countdown to the Super Bowl clock on top of the site. Just to get everyone a little extra excited. Figured I'd share the idea.
    17. MyDadTheIceBowlChicken
      yo robdog, I goofed and posted a story in 2-3 times. I click on edit/delete and it only gives me the option to edit it and not delete it. Please share with me how or just delete the latest one/ones for me please. look forward to hearing from you or seeing those deleted.
    18. DTT Guy
      DTT Guy
      Why can't I see posts?
    19. shawn33
      Thanks for your welcoming message. It's nice to meet you.
    20. Jess
      Hola, Rob. I was hoping you could give me my reporter powers so I could get to posting some articles. Many thanks.
    21. Incubes12
      Hey Rob, 2 things:

      First, in light of the PFT slander that's been going on, any chance we can link to another news site? Second, I know we have the NFL news forum, but can we get a forum where we can discuss other NFL teams, but not necessarily talk news?
    22. Jess
      Rob. Check the Moderator Chat section, please. Preferably immediately.
    23. +RAY+
      Hello Rob. I have a question for you. I want to get rid of this profile. Delete it. I have another one that I normally use (+RAY+) and prefer that one. Every time I come to visit the page here, it logs into this one and logs me out of Facebook when I try to go to my prefered profile. I honestly dont know how I got 2 profiles. Any suggestions on how I should do this? or is there any way you or one of the other MOD's could delete this profile?

      Thanks for your time,

      Ray / +RAY+
    24. Jess
      Sounds good, Rob. Appreciate the effort.
    25. Jess
      This one came to my mind, because it looks to have an already established user base.
      Buckyville - group
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