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    Favre's Locker... Play GM/CEO..

    leave it empty for a year and re-issue it the next year
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    Cook Is/Was Shopping Favre !

    Re: READ NOW Because people don't want to lose their jobs for talking with the media.
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    You guys think the giants fans were nice

    Who cares? We're all people and just happen to root for different teams. It's not an us vs. them, we're pretty much all the same.
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    Horrible Dream! or was it?

    I'm not sure I've ever had dreams about the Packers. You guys think about this too much!
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    Former Packer.. Dave Rayner signs with Fins..

    He was our kicker during the 2006 season.
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    All you wanted about Aaron Rodgers...SF Chronicle article.

    Re: All you wanted about Aaron Rodgers...SF Chronicle articl The names are on the picture so it shouldn't have been that hard! lol :lol:
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    Let's be clear about what a "game managing" quarterback is..

    Cal2GreenBay , how do you know so much about Cal/Tedford? Thanks for the great posts!
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    All you wanted about Aaron Rodgers...SF Chronicle article.

    He played for the Vikings?! YUCK! :wink:
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    Sal Pal's Take On Favre

    In a way, Sal Paolantonio has a point. But, as Danreb already pointed out, Favre hasn't had a lot of consistency for several years. Holmgren left when his star QB was in his prime. I think Favre made Holmgren and Holmgren made Favre. They could have won more championships had Holgren sucked...
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    Did Favre stay for the stats?

    Last I checked the Colts are a pretty good team and they've won a lot of games. I think it's reasonable to say that Manning could break that one as well.
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    Favre gives second though?

    It would be rather awkward otherwise.
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    Favre press conference

    I'm going to have to reschedule my meeting at that time.
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    An open letter to Brett Favre

    I saw this guy on ESPN last night predict that Favre will be back in light of the retirement announcement. I think we all just need to let it go, especially this guy.
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    We need a QB!!!

    Ummmm...both Browns QBs would have wanted the starting job here as would Aaron Rodgers. It would have been a bad deal because whichever one did not get to start would have been pissed. I think TT's playing it well for now. I'm sure we'll get someone, but hopefully not Trent Green - one hit and...

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