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    CB, Rasul Douglas

    Excellent musical/dirty play cross references.
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    Bucks going nuclear on Miami

    Adding Portis and Turner along with Forbes and most importantly Holiday has certainly beefed up our D and we have a lot of options. This is a markedly better team than the one that lost to Miami last year.
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    Arrogant General Managers

    I don’t get the hate for Murphy or Gute. Team is not just financially sound but soon to be even better after Titletown district is finished, team winning and soooo close to SB last couple of years, FA signings, resigning our core, I don’t get it. If I were majority owner, both getting bonuses.
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    Arrogant General Managers

    At the time I really liked those signings. Forgot to quote, but being honest in response to Poppa. Yeah turned out not so well but I thought they were good at the time.
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    Rodgers Vs. Love-- A Packer Fan Poll

    Holy crap Batman, can you imagine how great Wilson could be with all the offensive weapons we have and an OL that is so good?
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    Decision Making at 1265 Lombardi Ave

    I am a stockholder. We vote on the board. They make the hiring decision on Murphy. As a stockholder, I am very pleased with the way he has done his job. He has forever changed us from depending mostly on the shared national revenue to stay competitive to financially sound independently now and...
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    Mark Murphy dodges questions on Rodgers' contract

    A bit simplistic view on Murphy’s reason for being. His number one goal is to ensure the future of the franchise. He has been doing extremely well. Financially, he has us sitting very well with both cash reserves and future revenue sources. Competitively we are very well above the norm under...
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    Shaw settling right back in

    Good to have the crew back in action.
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    Packers 2021 salary cap plan

    I thought the contract just signed a couple of years ago and the guaranteed money were signs of commitment. How does one get upset that your employer just paid you $6.8 mil when you expected it per the contract you signed?
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    Defensive Coordinator Candidates

    Being in San Diego, I am trying to figure out exactly what bribe I could offer... brb.
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    Defensive Coordinator Candidates

    He has done better at Madison than Aranda. And I love Aranda. Leonard has done better. I would love to see a young innovative mind.
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    QB Question

    I may have never seen a more relevant post in all my time on the internet.
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    Well thats one coach [Mennenga]

    Forgive me as it has been a very long week so far and after I hit likes and disagrees saw the post remind8ng. E this was off topic, but the odds I would remember these posts and being able to redo this in a different thread is minimal, so here goes, I love Leonard at Wisconsin! So I don’t want...
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    Tramon Williams expected to sign with the Packers

    It has happened before. Living in San Diego, the only time I liked them was when Marty coached them. He claimed Prime Time when he was waived so he couldn’t sign with the Raiders. Anyone could have claimed Tramon but since no one did we can sign him.
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    Who you want for the NFCCG

    You want to be the best you have to beat the best.