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    What is your favorite college sport to watch on television?

    As obvious as this may seem..... College Football, GO HAWKS! - Update.. 2nd time I've answered this question...
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    Something seems pretty special about Dujuan Harris..

    When is a Facemask not incidental? Or is it under the Gregg Williams defensive scheme?
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    Refs costing us this game

    I can't understand how Sitton and Lang are honestly gonna get fined, or anyone else for the lack/errored calls.. Lack of freedom of speech much? But still...this is a nightmare of a game, worst officiated game ever? Think so. Just hope Sitton and Lang don't get suspended, and we come back next...
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    Anthony Hargrove released That rule seems odd, you would think they would make them sit ONCE they got signed on to a team. Either way I'm glad that they released him, we have other areas to tend to. Plus, I'm not saying that he was doing so...
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    Backup QB Poll Question

    I would've voted for B.J. Coleman.. But Colt McCoy would be a good pickup out of FA, I wouldn't waste any future draft picks on him though.. B.J. Coleman would be decent, but I think if he had to step into the number one's shoes, I would like to sign a vet just to have some insurance (Hasselbeck...
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    Cedric Benson to the Pack

    GreenBlood, Agreed. Tyler, for his first game looked like a stud. Besides the fumble. Benson could definitely be beneficial, just hope there is no baggage. Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2
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    What's the one thing you will be watching for tonight?

    Perry, Green and Taylor. Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2
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    Packer 1 hit wonders

    DE Gabe Wilkins.
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    2012 Draft - Round 1, Pick 28, Overall 28 - Nick Perry, DE, USC

    Finally get to see him in action tomorrow night!! "Much excite" - Borat. Can't sleep, too excited. GO PACK GO!
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    Tell me again why the Pack needs a 12th WR?

    I agree. It's the same thing with TE's. Don't get me wrong we have a great group of tight ends but still, there are currently 8. Yes 8! TE's on the Depth Chart....We could use more depth on the O-Line IMO.
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    What team do you want to see flop this season?

    The Patriots and...da Bears. Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2
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    Pics: Show Your Packer Pride!

    Packers vs Raiders. December 11th, 2011. Me and my father, our first ever NFL game! - Packer bus, I highly recommend it!! It was unreal.. dream came true!
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    Matt Flynn

    Chiefs! I think they'd be a great team for him to goto....I saw somewhere that they're not too impressed with Cassel! (i highly doubt) but we could make a deal for McCluster
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    Mark Ingram drafted to the Packers?

    Let me just say...I LOVE! the thought of us having TOO many Rb's...but i think we need to address other areas. CB OLB or O line..

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