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    Packers 2021 opponents

    Don’t forget about the potential 17th game which, if I remember correctly, would be against the Chiefs.
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    NFCCG: Rodgers vs. Brady @ Lambeau Field

    If that’s the case then Tampa Bay was definitely way in over they heads by beating the Saints last weekend.
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    Studs n duds Texans

    It seemed as if he was actively rooting for Houston throughout the game. After that blocked punt, one could have mistaken him for a lifelong fan that found his way to the microphone after how excited he got.
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    Week 5: Packers at Bucs - Rodgers/Brady maybe for the last time

    Initially yeah but they have the Packers as a 1.5 point favorite right now. Down from a 2 point favorite last night.
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    Week 9: Packers in New England

    Because it’s funny
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    Week 9: Packers in New England

    If the Patriots have the best defense in the league, then the Packers have the best tail back in the league as well. Aaron Jones is averaging 6.2 yards a carry which is first in the league of all qualifying backs. Todd Gurley is only averaging 4.2 yards a carry!!! Boy the Patriots better watch...
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    Loser Pool Game

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    Loser Pool Game

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    Loser Pool Game

    New Orleans
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    Preseason game 3 - at Denver

    I want to see one or two good drives with the offense. See what Aaron can do against a good D with his new weapons. I will be at this game so hopefully I get to see some good stuff from this team.
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    Predict the final record competition

    12-4 47 SB Champ 14th
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    Anyone have any idea about the Cook contract

    Looks like the Packers don't need Cook anymore with this talk of them agreeing to terms with Bennett.
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    Fire Capers

    I would try to get Rex Ryan. He is not getting a head coaching job anytime soon and Green Bay would be an attractive job for any defensive coordinator candidate. Him being a coordinator would also lessen his ego. I'd be all for it if they brought him in.
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    NFCCG 2016 -- revenge tour goes to Atlanta!!

    It's one thing to think your team is going to win. That's understandable. It's another thing to think your team, who has one of the worst defenses in football, is going to stop the other teams offense, which is one of the best offenses in football. It's foolish. That's like me saying the Packers...

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