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    Division round vs Niners 7:15 Saturday LFT

    San Francisco suffered some injuries on defense today. This will be a physical game.
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    The Jordan Love Thread

    Aaron Rodgers made a lot of money today with the performance of Love. Love is not even close to being ready.
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    Confirmed: Elgton Jenkins torn ACL

    Any word on Josh Myers return.
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    Packers vs Steelers shout box

    Rodgers did not protect the defense today. This offense still has work to do.
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    Packers vs Steelers shout box

    The next tackle Oren Burns makes will be his first my god man tackle.
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    Trading Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers seems to be doing just fine. How long ago were those broken collar bones? Also, didn’t he come back with a touchdown pass to Cobb against the Bears in the final game of the season after sitting out with a broken collar bone.
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    Trading Aaron Rodgers

    I hope the Packers and Rodgers work things out. I have come to realize this could be the last year Rodgers will be wearing a Packer uniform. With that being said what type of compensation would Rodgers bring to the Packers. Rodgers is picking up where he left off from an MVP season. Rodgers...
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    Official Packers vs SF Shout Box game day

    Better get the Big Dog to chip Bosa.
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    Kevin King

    King has been ruled out tonight illness.
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    Week 2 - Monday Night - Lions @ Packers (Pre Game and Game Thread)

    i didn’t think it was possible but this defense is worse then last year.
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    Kevin King

    Absolutely ridiculous why he is still on this roster. Eric Stokes please.