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Being honest, I am more of a NFL fan than a Packer fan. This may immediately exclude me from this group, but I have to be honest that the Packers are kind of like my second favorite team after the Dolphins...The perfect team way back in '72 when I was 10.

There certainly seems to be a quite a bit more to root for based on the Packers performances in the last 25 odd years.

I live in Fredericton, Canada just northeast of the State of Maine. This puts me 455 miles away from the nearest NFL team, the @&#+'n Patriots...Not a fan.

In the past 10 years, 2010-2019 I started to go see an NFL game each year. Over the last few years I have been to Tampa (5X), New England, Buffalo, Detroit, Atlanta and Pittsburgh to see games with friends and relatives.

One of the games I saw was Green Bay in Detroit in December of 2015. It was not really a very good Packer game for 2 and a half quarters. Then in the later stages of the game Aaron Rogers rounded into form. With time ran out and an extra play tacked on due to penalty I witnessed most of the "Miracle in Motown". Seated on the end zone goal line at the mid level I watched the football sail towards my end zone sideline, above my level towards the stadium roof. Then I saw a whole bunch of bodies, mostly wearing blue and silver go for the ball. I did not see Richard Rogers make the catch, but was quite sure that some Packer had caught it when I saw all of the Packers bench running on to the field to celebrate. That was the biggest moment I had witnessed live at an NFL game.

Hoping to visit Lambeau Field, st a future date.
Oct 3, 1962 (Age: 60)
Fredericton, NB. Canada
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