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    Packers are releasing Mike Daniels

    Daniels is coming off an injury and they cut him the day the vets took their physicals. That tells me they wanted him gone as soon as he was cleared medically.
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    Announcement New Look and Feel

    I don't care that much about format, I just don't want to see the freaking bucks have the same size heading as the pack.
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    Announcement New Look and Feel

    So instead of the Packer discussion being a sub-forum of Open Football Discussion...IMO there should be Packer Discussion forum with some sub forums under it such as Draft, 2019 season, Game threads,
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    Announcement New Look and Feel

    Is this still a Packer forum? The Bucks have the same level of importance according to the topic headers. The Packers should have their own section with some sub topics and those sub topics can be on the same level as the bucks and brewers.
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    NFL Draft: Edge Rusher Discussion

    I love Winovitch and he can be gotten on day 2. That kid just makes plays. He would be a great part of the defense...not neccesarily a focal point. His motor is off the charts. The tape on him is very impressive.
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    Super Bowl LIII - Feb 3rd

    Let us just be thankful that the Bears lost in the opening round because they would have probably won the whole damn thing if they hadn't.
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    Parris Campbell

    Mercedes and Lance are both awful. They need to go away ASAP.
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    Darren Rizzi not Packers teams coordinator because of price?

    I would rather overpay someone who is a great coach than hire one of these awful retreads they are looking at. The Jags and Giants guys they are looking at both had horrible special teams units for the majority of their careers. The Jags guy got demoted for being so bad.
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    Assistant Coach Tracker

    The special teams coach search is getting concerning. They last 2 guys they brought in do not have great track records. I hop they look at Rod Wilson from the Chiefs. He has been their assistant the last 2 years. I like that he has had Toub to learn from the last 2 years. Toub has always...
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    Assistant Coach Tracker

    Great to see that list with Lovat's name nowhere near it. It doesn't mean he is gone but it means he is under review and has not been signed for next season. I would have to think that any review of him and his staff would result in them not returning. I would absolutely pay the Bama strength...
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    The 2019 Dantés Draft Thread

    I tried to look up some updates on Cole. It seems as though he might have been extremely close to the suicide of his college teammate. If you connect some of the dots in appears that the teammate took one of his teammates hunting rifles without their knowledge. Cole is said to be an avid...
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    Assistant Coach Tracker

    Why is Lovat still around. If that clown was allowed to give the players their off season workout plans I am going to be pissed. Get rid of him already.
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    Assistant Coach Tracker

    The Jags lost their top 2 wr's in free agency, Bortles sucks and their running back had Lacy's desire to play football this season.
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    Assistant Coach Tracker

    Ted must like to stay up late on Saturdays and watch Pac 12 games.
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    Assistant Coach Tracker

    King has shown to be a pretty good player when he plays. I'd like to see him and the rest of the roster prepare their bodies with someone other than Dr. Death Lovat.