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Apr 14, 2014 at 1:03 PM
Apr 14, 2009
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March 18
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Orange County, CA
Web Developer

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Administrator, from Orange County, CA

Staff Member Administrator

Stupid headache.... Aug 19, 2013

robdog was last seen:
Apr 14, 2014 at 1:03 PM
    1. Jess
      I think we should have a Countdown to the Super Bowl clock on top of the site. Just to get everyone a little extra excited. Figured I'd share the idea.
    2. MyDadTheIceBowlChicken
      yo robdog, I goofed and posted a story in 2-3 times. I click on edit/delete and it only gives me the option to edit it and not delete it. Please share with me how or just delete the latest one/ones for me please. look forward to hearing from you or seeing those deleted.
    3. DTT Guy
      DTT Guy
      Why can't I see posts?
    4. shawn33
      Thanks for your welcoming message. It's nice to meet you.
    5. Jess
      Hola, Rob. I was hoping you could give me my reporter powers so I could get to posting some articles. Many thanks.
    6. Incubes12
      Hey Rob, 2 things:

      First, in light of the PFT slander that's been going on, any chance we can link to another news site? Second, I know we have the NFL news forum, but can we get a forum where we can discuss other NFL teams, but not necessarily talk news?
    7. Jess
      Rob. Check the Moderator Chat section, please. Preferably immediately.
    8. +RAY+
      Hello Rob. I have a question for you. I want to get rid of this profile. Delete it. I have another one that I normally use (+RAY+) and prefer that one. Every time I come to visit the page here, it logs into this one and logs me out of Facebook when I try to go to my prefered profile. I honestly dont know how I got 2 profiles. Any suggestions on how I should do this? or is there any way you or one of the other MOD's could delete this profile?

      Thanks for your time,

      Ray / +RAY+
    9. Jess
      Sounds good, Rob. Appreciate the effort.
    10. Jess
      This one came to my mind, because it looks to have an already established user base.
      Buckyville - group
    11. Jess
      Is that Gators forum at the bottom of the screen a new affiliate? I don't think I've seen that before. You guys need to buy a Badgers forum so I have a halfway decent one to go to. :p
    12. Derps
      My old user name is Vikeman. I joined in 2004 and have not been able to access the site with my old pass and username. Hopefully you remember me...I was the 1st Viking fan to sign up for the site. Can you help? Can u send my password for Vikeman to enlviking@comcast.net? Thanks!!!
    13. Jess
      Sent you your invite to the FF league. Hope that solves the issue of how to sign up for this thing. Lol.
    14. Jess
      I needs an email address from you to invite you to the Fantasy Football league.
    15. Jess
      Did a mockup of a dark skin for this place. It's in the thread about changes to this place. I have the .PSD file saved, which contains all the little pieces I used. I still have to mock up what the in-thread screen would look like, although I think it'll look exactly the same as it does now except dark.

      So, anyways, shoot me some opinions, good or bad. Either here or in that thread.
      hiya dogman i dont know who to thank for the community award so i will tell you and if there is someone please pass it along
      take care my friend
      thanks rob take care & go pack go
    18. Jess
      I think it'd look cooler after the name. But that's just my opinion.
    19. Jess
      Curiosity. Why is there a new yellow star before my username? I know the one after the name is an award, but I have no idea what the new one is.
    20. lancer84
      I agree with PackerRS layout looks sweet! im just curious... but what level do you have to get to change from "cheerleader" to something else or how does that work?
    21. PackersRS
      Good work on the new look, man! It's awesome!
      hey robdog as you know was off here for over a year when i was sick. but since i got back i havent been able to contac cheesey is he ok i saw he hasnt been on here since april . any info ? thanks dogman
    23. lancer84
      hey robdog, im trying to find out my password so i can sign on with my phone and also so i dont have to be on facebook to login... ive tried to reset my password and it hasnt helped. could ya help a fella?
      all is fine now thanks
    25. a1biggreen
      thanks for checking into my log in problem. would like to use my old log in username
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    March 18
    Home page:
    Orange County, CA
    Web Developer
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    Born and raised in Orange County, CA. Married into the Packer family because my father-in-law.

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